Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sprinkle Me Some Fairy Dust!

It has been almost 1 and a half month/ 6 weeks/ 42 days dah I'm on my semester break. Lame dah kan.. tapi... :p 

Result pun dah keluar and dalam mase yang sama macam macam dah cari idea nak isikan holidays ni. So far ok lah. Maybe tak gah, tapi I have a good time spending time in my hometown. I just need to get rid of one bad habit that is to wake up after 11 every single day. I hate that actually. I just need to have reason to wake up. Sebab rumah pun takde orang. Takde chores nak buat sangat and mom pun ade hal dia, so jadi la camni. Nadia, improve yourself nadia. Kalau memula cuti tu macam faham faham la we needed that quality rest kan after struggling for the past semester. Tapi bile dah 42 days berlanjutan and still biological clock macam ni, saya pun dah naik marah dengan diri sendiri. I can't continue being like this. It's just not healthy. So, solution dia, I started joging. Maybe baru beberapa kali, tapi hoping that badan akan penat, and kita akan tidur awal and eventually bangun awal. So far baru jog dalam 3-4 kali sejak cuti. HAHA. Will start this as a habit every single day starting next week! Sebab esok cadang nak puasa. insyaAllah. :D

I have my plans and dreams in life and I wish I can stick to it. "Plans changes, dreams just don't". My past result was kind of a smack on the head. It wasn't good , but it wasn't that bad. What I know is, I need to refocus in my studies, remember my priority and work extra harder next semester. I still have another 3 semesters to go. *sigh. Just doakan it is not as long as I feel right now. InsyaAllah.

I'm gonna slow down on my singing activities bila bukak semester baru nanti. I just have to. Opportunity datang dan pergi. So, kalau ade rezeki, mungkin bila I dah dapat my degree someday, I'll continue this journey if there's still room for me.

As for now, I feel blessed with things around me. Thanks to the few people that has always been around me, loving me, advising me along my life journey and just being there. It means a lot to me. Malam ni meleret sikit tatau kenape. 

Till then, 

Picture taken at FRIM, Kepong. Jalan jalan with my girls Jihan, Fara and Syaza. :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tell Me Why

with the existence of FACEBOOK and TWITTER, blogging seems to be neglected cause rasa macam banyak sangatt kerja kalau nak tulis. -.-