Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Alhamdulillah today was fine! 
takde trip pakai kasut tinggi, takde kantoi sangat peluh2. hehe.

Dengan ini, saya, Nadia binti Mohd Rustham, telah secara offically menjadi seorang graduan 
Diploma in Industrial Chemistry, UiTM Perlis dengan 2 bintang kecil kat sbelah nama. Woots! Alhamdulillah :)
Still a long way to go. Skarang degree, lagi 2 tahun. InsyaAllah ada rezeki, would love to continue towards Master or even Phd. Aim high girl. :)


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Coast to Coast

and hey..

It's been 4 days pakai braces. :) Since then,
1 type of food je yang boleh makan that is soft food. I miss eating chicken..beef..all I do now is suck their taste and throw them back out. Hah.
2 is the number of sahabat sejati that I've discovered. Toothpicks and mirror. :)
3 is for the number of blisters dalam mulot.
Ok. Braces is not something fun at all. I know..my sis had warned me..but..as they say..no pain no gain? ;p 

I'm off to KL tomorrow. Despite all the things happened this week, the bright side is, both my mom and dad will be attending my graduation. Alhamduliilah. We'll be leaving to Perlis on Saturday. My graduation rehearsal will be on Sunday and the graduation will be on Monday morning. I still don't know what to wear. Still deciding.  I guess I'm gonna pass on the dress from Zleqha. Maybe next event perhaps? Maybe pakai je la ape ade kot. Takde mood sangat nak melaram pun. 

Tapi I'm all excited to meet my diploma classmates! I'll be staying at the same hotel as Jhan, Syeri and Syaza! Super excited. :)

I just hope everything will be fun and memorable. I hope takde la trip ke ape time atas pentas nnt. AHA. Nightmare! 

nah. muke gigi besi. :p
Till then,

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Ending

Hidup ini adalah satu pinjaman daripada Allah S.W.T.
Setiap yang hidup pasti akan mati.
Setiap satu kelahiran pasti akan diiringi dengan satu kematian.
Allah Maha Besar,
Allah Maha Penyayang.

Tepat jam 5.40 petang, tanggal 23 November 2010, Tok Abah telah kembali ke Ramatullah. Mungkin Allah tidak sanggup lagi melihat penyeksaan yang harus dilaluinya dan dengan itu, Allah Maha Penyayang, telah mengambil kembali jasad yang pernah dipinjamkanNya kepada kami semua selama 80 tahun. Waallahhualam. 
Sebagai hambaNya, dengan rendah diri memohon doa keatasNya supaya menempatkan nenekanda tercinta di kalangan orang orang yang beriman, mengampunkan segala dosanya dan memohon supaya kesemua ibadatnya diterima Allah S.W.T. Amin.

Lots of love.
You will be missed.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Mind Over Matter

I was reading through a friend's page in facebook. I found this :

be who you are and say what you feel , because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind..

It is true? I guess there's no such thing as rules, what u should or shouldn't do, what to say and what not to say. I shall stop thinking too deep and take these words as an inspiration. And I hope you do too.


Sunday, November 21, 2010


Lately my entire family tgh menjalani hari hari yang very hectic. My grandfather has been admitted back into the hospital and this time his condition is getting worst. Despite that, I still pray for the best and deep in my heart I do hope he'll recover as the way he was before. Alhamdulillah, Mak Long, Pak Long, Mak, Abah, Mak Lang and Pak Lang are returning from Mekkah this Friday. They'll arrive Kuantan on Saturday. I guess my grandfather has been waiting for their kepulangan all along. He's now breathing with the help of a pump because the doctor said his heart is not able to pump mcm biase on its own anymore. All we can do now is pray and selalu bisikkan 2 kalimah masyahadah kat die so that he'll always remember his stand. 
I do wish that everything will be just fine.

Hmm. Where's my stand? What should I react to this kind of situation? Should I just follow? Certainly never been here before.

your grandchild.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Determined Realist

Determined Realists like to bear responsibility and welcome challenges. They are stable, reliable persons. External contacts are very important to them; they mix well and are very active. They are excellent organisers and are very happy when things are done correctly and punctually; they can quickly react impatiently if others are not as conscientious, orderly and dutiful as they are. They prefer structured work which produces visible results quickly to abstract, long-drawn-out processes. Determined Realists have no problem with routine as long as it serves efficiency. However, they very much dislike unexpected and unpredictable occurrences which mess up their careful plans. Once they have committed themselves to a cause they do this with dedication and are willing to make considerable sacrifices for it.

Determined Realists do not avoid conflicts and criticism but face up to them and look for solutions. As they have a keen eye for the errors and shortcomings of others and are often quick at expressing criticism, they sometimes rub people up the wrong way especially when they lose their temper and jump to conclusions. Due to their marked sense of justice they are quickly willing to correct themselves and never take offence if someone speaks to them frankly. You do not have to seek hidden motives with them; you always know where you are. Determined Realists are often found in executive positions as they combine commitment, competence and the ability to assert themselves. In their spare time, they often also accept responsibility in clubs and other institutions.
arrow Get career advice for the Determined Realist

Traditions rate highly with Determined Realists. They attend every family event and never forget a birthday or wedding anniversary. Family and friends are very important to them. With their open, communicative manner, they find it easy to get to know people and have a large circle of friends and acquaintances. They are never superficial, but reliable and loyal friends who are always there when they are needed. Determined Realists take their relationships very seriously - they dream of finding a partner for life. In a love relationship, they seek above all stability and loyalty and here, too, they are willing to invest a lot in a harmonious togetherness. Determined Realists master crises or difficult phases with composure; they would never think of breaking a promise given. As a partner, one can always rely on their support.
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Everything Has Its Explaination

My assumption was wrong. I guess I do behave like a little child sometimes. Matured sangat la kan. Dad explained to me the real reason why he's hesitating on giving me the thing that I wanted. He said if he's going to spend a large amount of money on that thing, he just has to be satisfied. He wasn't really keen of the doctor's professionalism. That's all. He said I'm dealing with my physical appearance issue right now and what happen if the doctor cincai cincai buat. Am I going to deal with the consequences. So this morning he took me to his choice of doctor. The doctor used to be our neighbour right before he and his family shifted to a bigger and beautiful mcm resort punya house. ;p So off we go. I can see where he's going. The doctor is established and even his clinic looks better than the one I went yesterday. When my dad told him my intension, the doctor took a look at my teeth, belek sane belek sini and he said it can be done. The price too doesn't differ much from my choice of doctor but slightly higher sikit je. Dad said he didn't mind as long as he feels satisfied with what he's paying. My choice of doctor didn't even take a look at my teeth when we met him yesterday. All he said, yes he's doing it and he can do it for me. It won't take too long and he told us the total amount of the process. All these points were explained to me by my dad this morning. It's alright with me. He knows best after all. :) 

So, the doctor took an x-ray of my teeth and letak something to get the shaped of my teeth. It's called molding if I'm not mistaken. My next appointment will be this coming Tuesday where he's going to pasang the bracket already. Oh my god! I'm actually super excited. :) Can't wait to get my teeth straighten. Lepas ni dah tak payah risau bibir terlekat kat gigi taring bile ketawa tak hengat dunia. Hee.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life is Unfair

I'm the type of girl that wants alot of things in life. I mean it. ALOT. I guess all human being are the same. When I took ECO 415, it's called, scarcity where human wants are unlimited and impossible to fulfill. Well I'm no different from that fact. Somehow it's good to say that the things I want, I'll try my best to achieve or get it all by myself. I seldom asked for it from someone. Someone like my parents. Somehow at this stage of life, I was taught enough on responsibility and not to asked for unnecessary things. I was not born in a golden spoon honestly speaking. All we had was just enough. Maybe slightly higher than enough but there's no room for splurging on luxury items or things like that. I get that and has no problem with that. I am comfortable in the way of life we're living now. Alhamdulillah. But the one time I've asked for something for quite some time, and it's something beneficial for future purposes and logically to be asked, I felt like the process is so hard for them to fulfill. It's so frustrating. It's not fair. 


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Salam Aidiladha

Selamat Hari Raya Qorban loves.

My Raya Qorban story this year is nothing extraordinary. Raya Haji tapi spend time tgk movie kat panggung. :p 
Honestly raya haji kat Kuantan ni takde la semeriah like in Kelantan or Terengganu kan. It's just like any other day unless memang u took part dalam proses penyembelihan. Kot? Well, that's what I thought. :p Mase kecik kecik dulu, time duduk kat area Alor Akar slalu excited pagi pagi raya pakai baju kurung semua ( I dari kecik mmg suke melaram. orang lain biase relaks je pagi raya Qorban :p) then pergi kat hujung kawasan tgk pak cik pakcik and abang abang semelih lembu. Pernah sampai nangis sebab lembu tu still hidup and lawan lawan even leher die dah kene potong. :( Pastu depan rumah kat padang, sehari sebelum raya tu slalu je nampak lembu kene ikat kat pokok. Sayu je muke die. Sometimes, ade yang sampai mengalirkan air mate. Ya Allah, nak je rase pergi sane nak cakap and tenang2 kan lembu tu. *sobs* tapi takot kene sepak or terajang ke kalau lah tetibe lembu tu mengamuk kan.  Mane lah tau.. *fantasy dalam kepale otak kene sepak ngn lembu* 

Then naik skolah menengah, pindah kat area Selamat ni, every year Qorban mesti lepak rumah Shadiah sbb bapak die slalu jadi antara orang yang semelih lembu ni. Then rumah die slalu gotong royong buat kenduri buat makan daging lembu. Sodap gulai kawah lembu Qorban.. fresh and lembut je. :) *tetibe rase kejam lak cakap camni :(* time tu la nak catch up catch up story dengan die bagai. Haah. Rindu pulok. 

Then dah masok Degree ni, ley pulak spend the Raya Qorban kat cinema. Heh. Went with my parents and lil sister to watch 'Let Me In'. The story was ok. Not boring. Cute at times. Terkejot banyak kali jugak. Tapi the movie slalu capture my interest la. Kalau boring, pergi tengok. I sarankan. :) 

It's a story about a 12 years old vampire girl. Kire kene jugak la tema Qorban kan. Except cerite ni sal Qorbankan manusia for blood. :D

Early in the morning tadi spend time kat rumah Tok Umi and Tok Abah dulu la kan tapi. My grandad was looking fine and I still pray and hope he'll be better soon. Maksu and Abang Nuar were looking after him when we left.

And now, I just got back from minum2 with my girl Ili Aisyah just to catch up things. I do miss u girl. Glad we met. We've been good friends since I was 7 and glad that the friendship kekal sampai skarang. 

Till then, 


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Back to The Old Days

Assalamualaikum :)
Alhamdullillah I'm safely home. 
It feels good to be back here. 
Even though someone tu dah jauh kat Vietnam. :p
So, I sampai Kuantan yesterday, still haven't unpack ape ape lagi. Ya Allah penatnye and malas nya. Tatau la kenape. Maybe over a month been living a miserable life during the final weeks sampai balik rumah nak buat apa pun malas. Makan je banyak. Like seriously. Semua orang terkejot. Tembam la pasni.. :p

One more thing, my grandfather, Tok Abah, been spending my day today dengan die, with mummy together. He's so sick. :( Tak pernah tgk Tok Abah kurus sampai macam skarang. He can't move his left side of the body and he can barely speak. Sayu sangat hati tgk dia. Tapi today he gets to discharge and kiterang semua bawak die balik pakai ambulans today. He's now resting at his home with Tok Umi and Mak Su's family around. Will be visiting him again tomorrow. I hope all is well.. InsyaAllah and amin..

Tapi sementara nak tunggu Tok Abah discharged pukul 6pm tadi, around 4pm, me and mom dah macam penat sangat and we went out for lunch. Lepas makan macam still got time sikit so I proposed to mom ape kate kite masok kedai Kak Lin (Zleqha) just somewhere around the hospital area, mana tau ada baju sesuai for my graduation nnt. Oh btw, my graduation ceremony is on the 29th November back in UiTM ARAU! Super excited for it. Nak meet up with old friends and all. I miss you all! :) So, masuk masuk, Ya Allah cantiknya baju dia semua. It's actually a busana muslimah moden boutique and all designed by Kak Lin herself. Mom's bestfriend's eldest daughter. So, I tried this one piece. Can't seem to jumpe the exact one dalam Zleqha's fb, tp it looks something like this..

the one on the right

Tapi the one I tried top die color cream with little light brown polcadots. Honestly speaking, keluar2 fitting room yang sangat cosy tu, trasa cam British princess lak bile jalan2 keluar. Mummy pun cakap. HAHAK. perasan mode kejap. :p But I decided not to buy it on the spot sbb takot macam semacam over pulak kalau pakai this for graduation. :( Tapi my mom suke sangat so we say we'll be back after raya haji. What do u think?
I know korang akan cakap, "Graduation je kot...."
But somehow, I wanna look cantik sikit la on that day. Tanak la pakai kurung yang pergi kelas hari2 tu..HEE. Bukan slalu graduate and tangkap2 gambar yang ley gantung kat dinding ni kan? Hee..
What should I wear.. 


Friday, November 12, 2010


Was too tepu to study already and..
roommate was fast asleep..
and got nothing better to do..
entertained myself dengan menyanyikan lagu Adamaya's theme song. *tapi kena nyanyi slow slow. :p*
Typical romantic, lovie dovie song tp nak tanak,
tetap rasa the song is sweet la jugak kan? Hehe.
So, nak memburukkan keadaan lagi, I decided to upload it here. So, kalau nak dengar, dengar lah. Version meleret sikit. :p

Much love,

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Activation Energy


I don't know what's going on with my luck, but somehow I'm just going through a bad time for the past few days.
Let me tell you why.

1. My handphone charger punya kene gigit with abang's rabbit, Romeo sampai putus dua. Dah la charger original. And once again its either kene beli baru or pinjam orang. My 3rd time buying a new charger this semester. Aritu beli sbb terlupe bwk balik sini la, tertinggal la, so beli 1 yang ciplot, dah rosak. the 2nd one bijak sangat pergi tinggal kat Kuantan and the 3rd one on the way. Haih. Duit lagi. 

2. I misplaced my license somewhere. Either tercicir bile jalan2 kay KL that day or it's somewhere in the car. Tapi so far, tak jumpe lagi. Mintak2 la akan jumpe. Hurmm.

3. On a very tight budjet. I thought dah habis class and musim final ni will use less money. But tanggapan sy silap. Time final ni la slalu nak super stress. After each paper mesti nak watch movie. Time study2 non stop kat rumah ni la nak stress. So bile time to eat, slalu dah makan best2 kasi released stress. But normal la tu kan? Heh. But at the end of the day, my weekly expenses selalu lari lately. 

4. And right now I'm forcing myself to finish studying Physical Chem. The last paper, mood pun banyak dah hilang. Half of my mind has been thinking bout nak buat ape time cuti nnt. Can't really focus honestly speaking. All I can do is motivate motivate and keep motivating myself. If bukan I nak motivate diri sendiri, sapelah lagi kan? ;p


Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Assalamualaikum and Olla.
Just reached Shah Alam from Damansara (my eldest bro's place). Drove all alone, all the way. Since I'm studying in Shah Alam, kinda get used living and doing things alone. Compare to those days, mane pernah berani kemane mane jauh jauh alone except going to work during my practical training days. No matter what, I need to be really independent now and this is what life will teach you from day to day. Something new each day. 

So, throughout my stay at abang's place, smalam dapat try masak Sweet and Sour Prawn. It's a last minute thing and due to semua malas keluar for dinner, I took the effort to cook. Yeay! Proud of myself sikit. :p then this afternoon before I left, I managed to prepare myself a decent homemade fish & chips. :) Fine. Sume pun bende frozen, tapi I took the effort to menggoreng and all la kan. Hehe.
Wanna take a look? :p
The picture might not look tempting but sodap la jugak tau? :p

I seriously need to study now tapi I tend to get distracted real easy. Like right now. Haihhh. I'm going out for dinner with Ghah's gang tonight somewhere in USJ. The place is called Murni. I heard the food there are really cheap and serve dalam very big portion. It's gonna be a food feast tonight! Wohoo! :)
Then I seriously need to start studying Physical Chemistry. -.-


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fired Up

I could see things clearer now. I can see where my life is leading me and I am even more passionate dlm handling my goals and dreams. 
I'm gonna stick with this.


Time Will Reveal

Finally.. a real post.
I'm kind of bored. The throat & headache is killing me. I've been suffering from this sore throat since I woke up this morning and this headache.. sbb tertidur after Asar till 8pm!
Serve me right.

My parents have been busy with Tok Abah. He's currently really ill and I hope everything will be ok soon. Amin. I don't really know what to write actually cause there's nothing much I could share. It's just I need to remind myself that I need to start studying starting tomorrow. I've been resting for 3 days and time is running out. So girl, do what u have to do alright? :)
Goodnight then peeps.
Love ya..


Monday, November 8, 2010

The Finale

  • Day Ten: One confession

I'm broke. I have RM9 to survive till end of the week.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Go Ahead & Smile

Day Nine: Two smileys that describe your life right now.

Worried for my Physical Chemistry paper next Sunday.
Content with everything that's going on with my life right now. 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Chill. 8 is Just A Number

Day Eight(tipu sunat lagi): Three turn ons.

1.Honest people. 
2.Happy go lucky people. <3
3.A breath of fresh air.


Thursday, November 4, 2010


Day Seven: Four turn offs

1.people who talks besar sebesar besar alam. 
2.people who is disrespectful.
3.people who tends to force other people.
4.mint sauce in my food. ergh.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Little Poo

Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever)

1. Mr. Tham
2. Mrs. Tham
3. Mr. Faisal
4. Mr. Fairul
5. Ms. Deanna



Be Careful What You Wish For

Day Five(tipu sunat): Six things you wish you’d never done.

Ya ampun. I'm so deadly busy doing revision to deal with 3 of my final papers. So sorry for the delay. Hari ni and smalam baru lah dapat bernafas sikit. But yesterday I was out the whole day, so was too tired to belog when I get back. 
So, let's get to today's day question. :)

I believe in life, never regret, just learn from every situation and every mistakes u've been through. Tapi.. untuk soalan ni,
let me answer jugak lah k.


*after a couple of minutes thinking*
susahnye nak fikir. currently macam bukan dalam mood penyesalan. Aha. I'm happy with everything that's happening right now. So, how eh.. I'll think harder.....Oh this post is so negative. Tak bagus tol menyesal menyesal ni. Ok, here we go.

1. I wish the highlighter thing never happened. Then everything won't be as complicated as now.

2. I wish I had the guts to say certain things out loud. Then complicated things won't tend to happen. 

3. I wish the thing with my previous HMs never happened. It's so frustrating leaving and graduating from Arau with that condition with certain people that I think, are important to me throughout the past 2 and a half years I was there. We spend almost every single day together, helping each other out, laughing at each others joke, sharing beds, sharing life experiences. Hurm. I really wish we never have to be like this. Honestly.

4. I wish I isi ke lapan lapan ruangan kosong dalam my college application tu with the exact course that i've always wished for.  Hurm. But maybe Allah dah tentukan this is my path, a brighter future for me perhaps. Amin..

5. I wish yang I tak masukkan baju dalam machine just now. Now I'm all tired to hang dry it.