Tuesday, May 31, 2011

13 things that I hate

Saw this one somewhere on twitter.
One way of telling you I've just join twitter. :p
Search me up : yayarustham :)

So, here we go:

 #1 Dikejutkan pagi pagi dengan nada marah marah and paksa. I'll have no trouble waking up whatsoever if cakap ngn I baik baik. Tu je.

#2 Sayur bernama Peria

#3 Mint Sauce yang dah bercampur dalam my main dish especially if I'm ordering lamb. Spoiil.

#4  When I have no money in my wallet and suddenly pergi jalan kat mall and macam banyak barang cantik nak beli. Bila ada duit, semua barang pun macam tak cantik. Aish.

#5 When I nak sangat speak my mind out but I can't, due to respect or it's just not the right thing to do.

#6 Taken advantage of

#7 War

#8 Whenever my loved ones fight. :(

#9 Waiting

#10 Failing an exam or test. I hate that feeling. 

#11 Flirtatious guys.

#12 When my phones keep restarting before it even started. Baru sampai 'enter password', then ter off. And it continues.

#13 When the one you care most, turns into a stranger in a split second. 

This I love. :) Me and lil sis goofing around being Betty. :p  

Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm Feeling Old


SO. I'm finally home. For 4 MONTHS! Not exactly four lah but lebih kurang lah. Lame sangat I know. What I love about being home is that, otak kosong. Tu yang best tu. Tido la kau selama mana kau nak. Dengan syarat, kalau mummy bebel every morning, buat tak dengar je. :p Then tak payah risau2 keluar duit untuk perut kenyang. There's always food at home. Just prepare duit untuk meronggeng dengan kawan kawan bile keluar je. Heh. I'm planning to get myself a job. At least to get some extra pocket money kan. But once in a while, I still have to get down to KL if there's any events to attend ke ape kan. Ece. Mengada nya..

Besides that, I plan to.. ntah la. My wish list is getting longer and I don't know where to start. Will continue writing later la k


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Where The Heart Is

i'm home i'm home i'm home i'm home.