Friday, April 13, 2012

Sending My Thoughts & Love

never fail to sedekahkan Al-Fatihah each time I think of you..

I miss you.

What do I miss the most?

I miss your horsy laugh.
I miss your sweet smile.
I miss the way you gesture your hands, showing me the direction while I'm busy driving.
I miss when we talk on the phone and laugh about every single thing even when it's not even funny.
I miss when we share our thoughts at night, crying, laughing, giggling before we sleep.
I miss being mad at you.
I miss calling you at random times.
I miss hearing your life stories.
I miss when u get all excited when I'm going to perform or something. Feels like I will always have your support.
I miss when we are so vain when we are getting ready for any function.
I miss exchanging clothes with you.
I miss having a beautiful friend by my side.
I miss having you getting mad at me.
I miss hearing your complains.
I miss making up your face.
I miss seeing u betulkan the seatbelt every 2 minutes when you're driving. Weird habit sayang! :p
I miss you taking care of me.
I miss being taken care of.
I miss being needed, when all I did was getting frustrated when u need me too often. :(
I wish for u to still need me right now.
I miss you sayang.
I miss Nurul Syareena Mohd Nor Azman.

Please be happy wherever you are now.
I know you are in a safe place.
We love you.
He loves you
I love you.