Thursday, March 31, 2011

Define Love?

The thing about being love is, we learn a lot of things together. 
We grow mature together.
 Making mistakes will always come in the way, but the way we handle it and learn from the mistakes made, together, that would made u even a better person, a better partner for each other. 
Each party will learn to improve in every angle day by day without realizing it. The bond of love will be even stronger when things like this happen. Then, one day, when u're both old, and all is good, you'll look back and smile to all the things that had happened, together, and thankful for the bond of love that had been created. That is pure. 
Keep fighting for that one love you think that is right. Never be a loser and give up.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Angel of Love

this is dedicated specially for my dearest queen. 

I told my mom not to worry
No matter where I am or will be
I will always be that daughter and your baby
You're my angel of love oh dear mummy.

She calls and calls just to know where I am
She worries everytime I'm out after 12 a.m
I understand what you are feeling mam
It's just your baby girl has grown, oh whamm? ;p

Oh dear mom
Just be calm
Your baby girl is not going anywhere
I love you, no matter what, I swear.

We used to fight on silly little things
Even when I spent too much on earrings
or when my phone frequently rings
You're not ready to me let go, that's the thing.

You will always be my number one
My angel of love, my moon and my sun
Hold me tight and I will never run
Till we are both old, together we shall have fun

written by,
your baby girl.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Malam Hujan Perempuan

Assalamualaikum & Olla! :)

Baru balik dari rumah kekandaku. Went there to repair my pintu kereta kat one of the workshop at that area.. Ada masalah sikit dengan dia punya lock. So now, dah boleh "tick tock" kembali! Yeayy!! :D

This week there's going to be 2 tests. One is Ethic Relation that is tomorrow evening and one more is Management Test 2 on Friday. Can't wait for this week to end. One week by one week passes so quickly. Ada positive and negative nya. Tapi just wanna finish the semester asap! Don't know why. I'm sort of exhausted. With this semester's schedule macam kiterang ni robot and takde life! and also with this semester's extra activities. I just wanna focus on one at a time then I'll be satisfied. Hmm.

Talking bout extra activities. I will be performing once again kat @Pentas. This time it's for Ladies Night-Live Acoustic Show with other awesome young ladies. Here's more on it :

If you are interested and free, do come and support the show alright?
Till then,
Nak study dah.

Take care loves.

Yours truly,

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sweet Note

Tomorrow is Monday. Already??
Cepatnya weekend. No wonder orang KL stress. Sebabnya I think weekend in KL sometimes is much more hectic compared to weekdays. Jalan tak ingat dunia apa semua, balik2 exhausted. :p
My whole family was here in Abang Faisal's place, so I spent my weekend dengan dierang lah. Lame satu family tak kumpul together. I was happy. :) but a little bit moody too. Don't know why. -.-

I'll be going back to Shah Alam tomorrow morning cause class will be at 11.30am. I left my laundry kat rumah Shah Alam and so..nampaknya stock baju sangat limited lah this week. Kene hantar dobi la gamatnya. Duit lagi. Pemalas kan saya ni? HAHA. I don't know why but I think washing clothes with hands is really tiring and a waste of energy. Gituh.. Tapi kalau terpaksa, I'll do it. And baju yang kene handwash, I'll do it. Tapi kalau dah satu laundry bag penuh.. Errrr... ;p

abang ajak keluar dinner pulak.
Got to go!


Thursday, March 17, 2011


Mood: Sepi ditinggalkan roommate. She's gone back. Sedih ! Sedih! :p

I think I have a problem. I can't be left alone. I tend to be dysfunctional. Jadi tatau apa nak buat. Nak study, memang tak lah. So, saya akan buat menda yang membuang masa and takda faedah langsung. I can sit depan laptop ni sampai la ngantuk then jap lagi I'll be sleeping. I don't know why. I need human beings around me then only I'll be normal. In conclusion, please do not leave me alone. ;p

There's a song that I wrote last week, and I would like to share the lyrics here. It's still in the process of improving. The melody pun macam ade dalam kepale. Nanti la share. :) Dear friends, if there's any suggestion, I would love to hear. Alright? :)


Verse 1
Cinta, terasa indah
bila kau jejakanya
Kita, saling berdua
saling merasa kasih dan sayang

Cinta, banyak toleransinya
baru bahagia hingga keakhirnya
Kita, hanya lah mampu
kita merancang Tuhan tentukannya

mahukah, mahukah kamu 
kita bersama
mahukah, mahukah kamu
kita ke akhirnya

ayuh sama sama
sama kita bahagia
cerita segalanya
selesaikan semua bersama
oh oh oh oh......

 Verse 2
oh dear,
my life is just so clear
be with me forever
don't you ever disappear.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Some time to breathe at last.. I always feel like writing when the time is not right. Tetibe bukan depan laptop lah, kat luar lah. Pastu bile balik depan laptop, tanak pulak rasa nak tulis. -.-

So this week ade one test on Thursday. Organic Chemistry II. Semester 2 punya subjects seriously getting tougher. I'm not sure boleh tak maintain pointer or even cecah a good range. Doa banyak banyak sangat and I really want to work extra harder. Working smart is really not working well for me right now. I need to work harder starting today. Stress stress sampai rambut aku pun dipotong pendek. :p I can't remember the last time I cut my hair real short, but right now, I'm living with it. :p Shoulder length bob. I feel so ringan and younger. HAHA. Suprisingly takde pun perasaan menyesal. Tatau kenape. Maybe memang sesuai kot berambut pendek musim2 stress macam ni. :p

So, last Sunday, was my recording session for my single 'I Miss You Much'. It's a malay song tapinya with a line of English wordings. Written by Cikgu Adnan Abu Hassan. Am I a recording artist for him? Oh, definitely not. :) I'm involved in a project between local independent artistes and Online Talent Search (OTS) as I ade mentioned bout it in my previous post. We are recording a song for each artistes and compiling it and turning it into caller ringtones under OST website. More on this in the future. Right now we are just preparing all the materials for future use. I was excited ! as I do not have any of my own songs yet that is ready utk direcordedkan, so Cikgu Adnan contributes a song for me, sbb die pun one of the share partners in this project. The rest of the artistes like Acid Hadi, Azreel Azhar, Azfar, and Mona Lyssa semua dapat record their own songs and dah mula jual their singles pun. U guys should hear them! Serious they are really good! You can type each of their names kat facebook. :)  So I guess I'm the least experience person dalam group tu lah. :p But still, I hope korang doakan yang terbaik for me ok? I'll share more on this nanti. Bila lagu dah siap, boleh lah dapat kan kat tempat tempat that I'll inform u guys in the future ok? haha. Skali skale promote diri rasa geli jugak. :p 

during recording session kat rumah Cikgu Adnan, Kajang area.

Alright then, got to get ready.
Off for makan petang/dinner with my rommies. Bestie Jihan is staying with me and S for a few nights sebab her car break down. Habis la..kecoh lah rumah. :)
Oh btw, kalau whoever that have any suggestions on tempat makanan apa yang sedap around Shah Alam area, do share with me ok? Bosan dah hari hari asyik Saad Char Kuey Tiaw. :p

Till then,
Lots of love,


Monday, March 7, 2011

Shooting Stars

and suddenly my number of followers has shoot to 128 from 87 in just 2 days? 
terkejut I. hahah! :D terime kasih kerana sudi mengikuti blog ini even though there's nothing much here actually. :p
I write when I feel like writing and I share things that I feel like sharing. 

Well, first of all,
Assalamualaikum loves. :)

I just got back from class. I definitely got the Monday blues dudes. Seriously kalau datang kelas 8.30 pagi kat pintu pagar Uitm Shah Alam tu on Monday morning, tak kira lah pintu depan ke, belakang ke, seriously rasa macam kat Vietnam ! The traffic is just terrible! Motor himpit sana, kereta himpit sini, bus besar sikit lagi nak geser kereta. Fuh. Peluh aku pagi pagi. All the sabun and perfume sembur pagi pagi tu pun boleh hilang effect die. 

I have Physical Chemistry II test tomorrow at 1130am. One killer subject. Risau pulak rasanya. I have to study this time to make up to my last test. It wasn't that good. The whole class were having trouble understanding her subject. Therefore, we should all work harder! Prove to her that we are way better than she expected us to be. 

Going to head to the bathroom,
then nak start study dah.
I have one good news. For those of you yang dah bace kat my status kat facebook, you'll know what I mean. Thanks so much to Datin Sally, the owner of studio @Pentas for giving me this golden opportunity and amazing experience. I'll update bout this very soon. Till then,
Let me get back to reality.
That is- mandi and belajaq!