Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Tummy, Happy Girl.

Current location : Shah Alam residence.
I'm actually still on my mid term break. Decided to come back few days earlier to finish all those k.i.v assignments. 
So today malas nak keluar mana mana, just had a little 'me' time by going to Giant for a bit to get some groceries and suddenly terasa nak masak my homemade seafood spaghetti
So there you go.

Very simple. Inspired by seafood spaghetti served by Sherwood, Kuantan. Seriously their seafood spaghetti is da bombb! For this, all you need are oil, garlic, big onions, whipped cream, salt, seafood, chicken stock, strips of spaghetti, black pepper and walllaaaAAHH! :)

Food keeps me happy. <3

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sushi Yes Ya!

I apologize for the silence. Hee. Alot has happen, I must say. :) 
Still the same old me, not to worry. Just wanted to blog about food this time. My favorite type of food, Japanese! Besides Chinese and Western. :) I've tried sushi in so many places before but back home, I've always prefer this original place for sushi ever since I'm a teenager. Sushi No Ya, Berjaya Megamall, Kuantan. Even before Sushi King exists in East Coast Mall, I've been eating this. And personally I think it's better than Sushi King. So, why not the next time you're in Kuantan, give this place a try. 

Old time favorite! Ebi fried Maki. 

U get her point right? :p

Till then,