Wednesday, December 31, 2014

End of 2014

It's the last day of the calendar, 2014.

Of course I prefer Awal Muharam as my new year, muslim's new year.
Unfortunately the dunia we are living in, is according to the lunar calendar.

Therefore, 2015 is tomorrow, the beginning towards something new, something fresh!

Alhamdulillah 2014 has been great.
Many thing I have achieved.
2015, another beginning in my chapter of life.

I wish everyone a very happy new year.
Try to get your resolution done according to time!
Stop carrying forward the same thing each year. Either you do it, or you scratch it! :)

Will definitely share my 2015 target tomorrow.

Till then,


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Tackling for Wants

I used to want many things in life. In all expect. When I was a student, no money la kan? So have to ask from people la especially from my parents etc. So they keep saying, "If you want something from others, kena lah pandai tackle!"

So, don't lah treat others badly when you know someday you might need that person' good deeds. You'll never know when. Therefore, be good to everyone lor.

#self reminder

Monday, December 1, 2014

Fast & Obvious

Lately I've been noticing I want everything to move really fast. 

To finish uni years fast. Check
To work right after graduate. 2 weeks after graduation. Check.
To buy a car. Two months after working. Check.
To get married with long time boyfriend. 1 year after working. Check.
To own a house n live together as hubs and wife. Almost. 3 months after marriage, finally rent a house together. Check.
To have a baby. So far, not yet. Hee. And that's obviously out of my nor A's control. 

Suddenly I'm starting to breathe. Cause the next thing on my to do list, that I've been acting really fast on everything that was on the list, I finally can't rush. 

Therefore, I would like to take the time with A to relax and calm myself down from all the rush that I have been through. I would like to enjoy A's company, to give A all my attention... Right? I should do that...

And oh ! Also to equip our new home with calmness vibe and maybe a sofa? Come on baby... when will I have my sofa that we saw at SSF that would look so lovely with the cushions that I already bought at H&M home deco yesterday?? I need that fast!