Friday, April 22, 2011


21 is my age of trial. What's yours?

1.I tried coloring my hair.
2.I tried cutting my hair short.
3.I tried braces.
4.I tried having someone special but not getting in serious relationship.
5.I tried taking singing a little bit more serious.

What did I get in return?

1.Once you've colored your hair, coloring process is expensive enough, maintaining it is another story. I guess, I'm satisfied for a short while and now, I guess I want my original black hair back. Anytime soon. 
2.It feels good. Senang kering. But somehow I don't feel beautiful (bukan la nak kata I perasan cantik, but I hope u know what I'm trying to express here) -.- I guess, long hair suites my characteristic more. Tapi for this kind of hectic schedule that I have to go through, I guess sesuai lah kot. 
3.I can smile with confidence now. I love my straighter teeth. Eventhough Nadia Zulkifli slalu marah sbb buang identiti diri. :p
4.I guess it's a healthy and good move. I adore him up until today. :) Everything is going on smoothly and naturally. It's something different and x pernah terbayang I'll be at this spot. I'm just wishing the best in everything. I just want to be happy. Never thought the right person was there all along. <3
5.Great experience. I love what I'm doing but sometimes the commitment and time tak mengizinkan. I'm still adapting to learn how to bahagikan masa wisely between this and my studies. Wouldn't want this to effect my studies in any way. Or I'll blame myself someday.

Long road.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Manusia Biasa

Ya Allah kuatkanlah semangat hambaMu yang lemah ini.
Sesungguhnya banyak cabaran yang Kau berikan kepadanya semenjak dua ini.
Amin Ya Rabillalamin..

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Are You Ready?

Assalamualaikum. :)

Hari ini hari Sabtu. Class has officially ended yesterday. Cepat pulak habis sem ni rasanya. :p
But I still have test on Monday and Tuesday, and then will be shooting back to Kuantan for a while! Wohooo! Rindu Teluk Chempedak, rindu keropok Gelora Point, rindu makan mummy's cooking, rindu makan ice cream mcD tepi tc malam malam, rindu Hoi Yin, rindu tido and bangun dalam air cond, rindu semua! rindu! :D
paraq dah ni. Will do the best for last two test ni, then, off I go. InsyaAllah...

*Some latest pictures*

 Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Chemistry, Part 2 students. :) 

Last class of Management

Last class of Ethic Relations

 At Chic Pop Bazaar with lovely Nurul. :)
Gosh, serabai je muke saye.

 An after photo, during a performance at One Bangsar.
Together with Kak Sally, Mona Lyssa, Gloria Band, Wafi and Shabab.

Snap back!
So harini belum tentu nak buat ape. At first thought of catching a movie today with S but somehow we didn't realised we are kind of broke. HAHA. Fine, just stay home then. Gonna finish my onhold lab reports. 2 more to go and that is the last of it and study Korean Language. Till then, 


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Don't Say

Was wasting my time online, and suddenly came out with these words. 
Not sure whether it could be a song tak, but the lyrics are something like this:

you told me you don't feel important,
don't say that baby, no no you can't
no one is ever as meaningful as you are,
never thought you could feel that far.

I don't need lots of things, even if I'm poor,
but one thing for sure,
I need you, just you, that could cure,
all the lure and make me feel secure.

don't say, baby don't say
if it continues, then it may
don't say, baby don't say
stay strong and let it fade away.

we have each other,
we could go futher,
go through one after another,
oh let's just be together.

there's no point of being strong
if you're not there to hold me on.
i've been waiting for someone like you all along.
and i present you this song.

don't say, baby don't say
if it continues, then it may
don't say, baby don't say
stay strong and let it fade away...



Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just Like I Said

Semester 2 is very tough for me indeed. There are so many reasons for me to say that.

1. The subjects are tough. Seriously tough and need lots of hard work and commitment in time.
2. I've been neglecting my time doing so many things at the same time, where at a point, I tend to forget my priority. I am not the supergirl I thought I was.
3. Most of the lecturers are not as helpful as last semester. Their approach on students this semester, I shall say, abit aggressive. Sometimes I don't feel like asking them anything at all. Whenever someone ask or anything, they'll give this one kind of stare. Is it the question? It it the presentation? Is it the face? I just don't get it sometimes. Previous semester's lecturer were so much easier to get along with. Hmm.
4. I seldom get to get back home to Kuantan. Previously, I made the effort to at least go home once a month, just to clear my mind a little. This sem... jarang jarang sekali. With all the activities I've ventured in, I'm not able to do so.

Whatever it is, I have such big responsibilities on my shoulder to carry. I'll certainly do the best that I could. Not for anybody else, but for me personally. & I want to make my parents proud too la kan. :)

Pray for me too will ya?
Take care.
I'm wishing the same for you too.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Plans & Dreams

Hearing my song kat blog ni, "Look into my eyes.."
and reading the title of my last post, "Depan mataku"..
made me realized something,
I love your eyes.
I think its mesmerizing. and I would love to own that eyes forever.
I would love for that pair of eyes to look at me the same way, even when I'm 73.
In years to come,
I would love to see that pair of eyes open slowly every morning.
I would love to see that pair of eyes close every night.
I just love that particular pair of eyes.

Ok, selingan. All of the sudden nak cakap pasal mata.  Ok, makin tak pasal. Mata siapa, itu yang kite tatau. 

I just got back from Damansara, @Pentas Bistro. Tonight was fun ! 
Tomorrow is not. Huhu. I have a test on Monday, so gotta prepare myself for tomorrow! Silalah rajinkan diri ye Nadia. :)

Till then,
Goodnight loves.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Depan Mataku

Assalamualaikum dears.

Whoa it's been a while. I finally have time to myself. Banyak nye kerja!!! Test! Assignment! Presentation! Nyanyi nyinyunnn.. I think this year's blog, every post pun I will say that I'm busy. Bala..Bala... 
Haha. Mom dah start bising2 dah cause I punya jadual macam ni. 
But that's ok. I'm loving what I'm doing right now, so no matter what I'll do my very best in everything that I ventured in. InsyaAllah. :)

So, next week will be the last week for kuliah, then study week, then FINAL!! OMG! Satu haprak pun tak ready weh.. Some of the subjects pun I tak rasa macam tak blaja apa. Takoitt.. 

This week activity:

Last Monday night : Pergi recording kat studio Bro Mochtar, for my 2nd song 'Depan Mataku' written by the talented Bro Shahir. Dia dulu worked under Aidit Alfian. He's writing a song for Elyana and Hafiz right now. Really honored to catch his attention and buat die nak tulis lagu untuk saye. he he. 

Thursday night : Attended Malam Saintis Muda, an award ceremony for Dean's List student utk last semester, for faculty of Applied Science. Interesting night. The best part is, dapat duit beb. Haha. Alhamdulillah.. This will somehow lift my spirit up to work even harder this semester even though dapat rasa sem ni sangat susah. Sama sama la kita usaha k? For those of you who will be seating for final exams soon, all the best to you too!!

Tonight : Will be attending this!

Nervous habis. I will be singing and accompanied by bro Shahir's guitar skills. Wish me luck! I know that I'm gonna have fun there. 

Till then,