Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Tummy, Happy Girl.

Current location : Shah Alam residence.
I'm actually still on my mid term break. Decided to come back few days earlier to finish all those k.i.v assignments. 
So today malas nak keluar mana mana, just had a little 'me' time by going to Giant for a bit to get some groceries and suddenly terasa nak masak my homemade seafood spaghetti
So there you go.

Very simple. Inspired by seafood spaghetti served by Sherwood, Kuantan. Seriously their seafood spaghetti is da bombb! For this, all you need are oil, garlic, big onions, whipped cream, salt, seafood, chicken stock, strips of spaghetti, black pepper and walllaaaAAHH! :)

Food keeps me happy. <3

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sushi Yes Ya!

I apologize for the silence. Hee. Alot has happen, I must say. :) 
Still the same old me, not to worry. Just wanted to blog about food this time. My favorite type of food, Japanese! Besides Chinese and Western. :) I've tried sushi in so many places before but back home, I've always prefer this original place for sushi ever since I'm a teenager. Sushi No Ya, Berjaya Megamall, Kuantan. Even before Sushi King exists in East Coast Mall, I've been eating this. And personally I think it's better than Sushi King. So, why not the next time you're in Kuantan, give this place a try. 

Old time favorite! Ebi fried Maki. 

U get her point right? :p

Till then,

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Salam Aidilfitri 2011!

Salam Aidilfitri from me and my family. Maaf zahir & batin. :)


Friday, July 29, 2011

You'll Never Know

It's almost midnight. Heart is trying to tell me something. Lately been hearing bad love news from my nearest and dearest friends, telling me how they are starting to not understand man/the love of their life that well. I am too, dealing with the same problem sometimes though. Men don't understand us, and us, women never thought we could understand men either. I think that's natural. Kan ada wujud buku something like 'Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus'. Something like that la, exactly I pun not very sure. We are two types of different creature senang cerita and somehow we will attract each other. :)

But what I know about relationship is, being in one is very very easy. All you need is love interest from both parties, tolak tambah darab bahagi, pooof!! we are head over heals in love. Apa yang susah is to sustain the love throughout. Everyone pun wants a happy love story am I right? All we need is very very high toleration sebenarnya. Who am I to talk about this kan, but I do hold to certain words of wisdom to keep me motivated and staying strong. 

I'm a very choosy person when it comes to love. Choosy in just the type of person that I choose to like. Bukan lah sapa masuk jarum, akan suka. Not that kind of person to tell you the truth. But I believe, when I like you, I just do. There's nothing more I can do. So, when I choose to like, that's my choice. Dad pernah kasi satu pepatah ni, "Every decision u've made on your own, stick to it through thick and thin. After all it's your choice, and no body force you to." I pegang kata kata ni tak kisah lah dalam bab love ke education ke, especially on life. I don't know whether I'm making a point here, tapi falling in and out of love is a tiring thing to go through. Make it work. No matter what. Toleration. Communication. Try to put your self in your partner's shoes once in a while. Don't expect too much from a person. The less you expect, the more you'll get in the end. Trust me. Saya bukan sapa sapa untuk bicara soal ni, even I'm always praying for my own happiness. We don't know what's gonna happen, as long as we try and we know our other half is also trying as hard as we do. They just might have a different way to express it. We just have to keep a positive mind and heart.

Stay with the person who promises nothing to you but willing to make you happy and you are being valued like no other''
"It takes fate for two person to meet. It takes destiny for two person who're meant to be. And its takes hard work for everything in between."

Treasure what you have for now, stop questioning start appreciating for once and just enjoy the love in between. 


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Reason to Love

Jumlah hari cuti : almost 75 hari (2 bulan lebih)
Hasil daripada cuti : menggalakkan. :)

I'm so sorry I haven't been actively blogging. (If there's anyone out there cares. :p) 
I've just realised that I will only think about blogging, vlogging, only when I'm going through a hectic life. It's kinda like a therapy for me in between. So macam skarang ni, free je semacam, I tend to do something else.
Hmm.. So what's up peeps?

I just got back from a trip from Singapore. Yeay!! At last tersampai hajat. Another wish to cross out from my 'The List'!
The trip was awesome. Went with my girlfriend, Ili. I really wanna go there again. :)

Life in Kuantan is also alhamdulillah. Spending alot of time at home nowadays to spend more time with my parents. I cook. More than I expected. :) Watched Jamie 30 Minutes Meals most of the time, so I was super inspired! :) If I'm not out with Mr. A, I'll be out with my darling friends sometimes. So, life is a bless. <3

Ramadhan is just around the corner. This time around, I'll be celebrating the whole Ramadhan month at home. Lupa dah bila last dapat peluang camni. Tapi kalau dah kat rumah ni al-maklumlah. Mesti terbaring je most of the time. Tapi super excited nak pergi bazaar petang petang cari kuih ngn my dad. Takyah sedih2 dah bersahur sensorang kat kolej ke ape kan. :p To all Muslim out there, Selamat Menyambut Ramadham Al Mubarak. :) 
p/s puasa ahd ke isnin ke selasa ea?

Till then,
got to run some errands,

A picture taken at Harbour Front, Singapore.

Monday, July 4, 2011


Personally to me, blessing is the most important factor to make me happy and succeed in life. Blessing from my parents, my siblings and my loved ones. I know I can't be satisfying each and every person in this world. But them, I just have to.
In everything I do, I wish to have their blessing. In choosing my life partner, in my studies, in doing activities that I love. 


Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm So Bored I Actually Answered ALL These

100 truths

1. Last drink : Plain water 

2. Last phone call : Abang Azmir 

3. Last text message : Ari Wibowo

4. Last song I listened to : Fever - Meiko

5. Last time I cried : 2 weeks ago if I'm not mistaken


6. Gotten back with someone I broke up with : Practically yeah, if u mean off and on.

7. Been cheated on : Alhamdulillah, never. 

8. Kissed someone & regretted it : Nope

9. Lost someone special : My late Tok Abah. 

10. Been depressed : Of course. I'm just a normal human being

11. Been drunk and threw up : Not interested


12. White

13. Purple 

14. Green 


15. Made a new friend : Yes. Many of them! <3 

16. Fallen out of love : Nope. I'm sticking myself with the same person and insya'Allah, it will remain this way. :)

17. Laughed until you cried : Always!

18. Met someone who changed me this year : Oh totally. Kak Sally/Shahir. Never thought it will turn out this way. 

19. Found out who my true friends are : Oh definitely. Been depressed about this for quite some time

20. Found out someone who has just been talking about me : Refused to know,  don't actually care

21. Kissed anyone on Facebook : kisses are not just for anyone! 

22. How many of your Quibblo friends do you know in real life : I have no idea what Quibblo is?

23. Eye Color : Dark brown

24. Pets : Nope for the moment

25. Changing name : Sticking to this

26. Last birthday : Last year

27. Time I woke up : 12.03 pm :|

28. At midnight : I think I was talking on the phone

29. Something I can't wait for : to finish my degree!!

30. Last time I saw my Mother : couple of hours ago before I went inside my room

31. One thing I could change : the amount of zeros behind the current balance in my bank. :p

32. Listening to : the sound of my aircond

33. Talked to a person named Tom : I have non

34. Getting on my nerves : Someone who don't listen to others. All they know is talk about themselves

35. Most visited web page : Facebook. No argument. 

36. Real name : N.M.R

37. Nicknames : Yaya, Nad, Mek Ya, Che Nad, Lulu? ;p

38. Relationship status : Emotionally taken but keeping things casual. :)

39. Zodiac sign : Libra

40. Gender : Femeimei!

41. Primary school : Methodist Girls School, Kuantan

42. Middle school : SABS

43. High school : SABS

44. Hair color : Originally dark dark brown/black.

45. Length : S

46. Height : 5 feet 2
47. Skin : Fair

48. What do I really like about myself : the level of toleration that I have

49. Piercings : on my ears

50. Tattoos : haram

51. Right or left : right


52. Surgery : something got to do with my nose 

53. Piercing : my earlobes

54. Bestfriend(s) : first? Annabeth I guess. :)

55. Hero : Tommy, The White Ranger from Power Rangers! :D

56. Love : Someone I met when I was 13. 

57. Heartbreak : The same person that had my first love I guess? ;p

58. Death in the family : My uncle on my mom's side

59. Time you got grounded : I can't remember but definitely during my high school years.

60. I'm about to : sleep anytime soon

61. Listening to : the sound of the aircond

62. Waiting for : a goodnight call I hope

63. I'm feeling : not at ease 

67. Lips or eyes : both would seemed appealing if I have something on you. :)

68. Hugs or kisses : hugs. :)

69. Shorter or taller : taller of course. I'm short enough. :p

70. Older or younger : older

71. Romantic or spontaneous : spontaneously romantic

72. Stomach or arms : haha. not really into over the top physical condition thingy. anything acceptable will do if u insist

73. Sensitive or loud : not to sensitive and not too loud

74. A hook-up or relationship : definitely a relationship type of girl


75. Kissed a stranger : kalau stakat belaga laga pipi tu, yeah..

76. Drank hard liquor : never and don't intend to

77. Lost glasses or contacts : nope

78. S_x on first date : never in life

79. Broken someone's heart :  i hope not

80. Been arrested : not that I could recall. :p

81. Turned someone down : yeah. and was filled with guilt

82. Cried when someone died : yeah..

83. Fallen for a friend : fortunately, yes. :)


84. Myself : most of the time. :)

85 Society : hmm. 

86. Heaven : yes

87. Santa Claus : not really

88. Love : I do

89. Angels : yes

90. God :  of course. hanya satu


91. Had more than one bf at a time : never. never know how

92. Did I sing today : of course. melalak je kerja nya.

93. Did something illegal : many times. for instant, langgar traffic light bila lampu merah. :p

94. Go back in time-- I wish

95. Did you hear the word is love? : meaning?

96. Afraid of falling in love : sometimes

97. Last time I lied : day before. -.- 

98. Late, early, or Right on time : always early. better.

99. Give my life for others : if that's what I'm supposed to do, I will

100. Am I afraid to post this : No. tapi tired nye! Menyesal start! ;p

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sprinkle Me Some Fairy Dust!

It has been almost 1 and a half month/ 6 weeks/ 42 days dah I'm on my semester break. Lame dah kan.. tapi... :p 

Result pun dah keluar and dalam mase yang sama macam macam dah cari idea nak isikan holidays ni. So far ok lah. Maybe tak gah, tapi I have a good time spending time in my hometown. I just need to get rid of one bad habit that is to wake up after 11 every single day. I hate that actually. I just need to have reason to wake up. Sebab rumah pun takde orang. Takde chores nak buat sangat and mom pun ade hal dia, so jadi la camni. Nadia, improve yourself nadia. Kalau memula cuti tu macam faham faham la we needed that quality rest kan after struggling for the past semester. Tapi bile dah 42 days berlanjutan and still biological clock macam ni, saya pun dah naik marah dengan diri sendiri. I can't continue being like this. It's just not healthy. So, solution dia, I started joging. Maybe baru beberapa kali, tapi hoping that badan akan penat, and kita akan tidur awal and eventually bangun awal. So far baru jog dalam 3-4 kali sejak cuti. HAHA. Will start this as a habit every single day starting next week! Sebab esok cadang nak puasa. insyaAllah. :D

I have my plans and dreams in life and I wish I can stick to it. "Plans changes, dreams just don't". My past result was kind of a smack on the head. It wasn't good , but it wasn't that bad. What I know is, I need to refocus in my studies, remember my priority and work extra harder next semester. I still have another 3 semesters to go. *sigh. Just doakan it is not as long as I feel right now. InsyaAllah.

I'm gonna slow down on my singing activities bila bukak semester baru nanti. I just have to. Opportunity datang dan pergi. So, kalau ade rezeki, mungkin bila I dah dapat my degree someday, I'll continue this journey if there's still room for me.

As for now, I feel blessed with things around me. Thanks to the few people that has always been around me, loving me, advising me along my life journey and just being there. It means a lot to me. Malam ni meleret sikit tatau kenape. 

Till then, 

Picture taken at FRIM, Kepong. Jalan jalan with my girls Jihan, Fara and Syaza. :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tell Me Why

with the existence of FACEBOOK and TWITTER, blogging seems to be neglected cause rasa macam banyak sangatt kerja kalau nak tulis. -.-

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

13 things that I hate

Saw this one somewhere on twitter.
One way of telling you I've just join twitter. :p
Search me up : yayarustham :)

So, here we go:

 #1 Dikejutkan pagi pagi dengan nada marah marah and paksa. I'll have no trouble waking up whatsoever if cakap ngn I baik baik. Tu je.

#2 Sayur bernama Peria

#3 Mint Sauce yang dah bercampur dalam my main dish especially if I'm ordering lamb. Spoiil.

#4  When I have no money in my wallet and suddenly pergi jalan kat mall and macam banyak barang cantik nak beli. Bila ada duit, semua barang pun macam tak cantik. Aish.

#5 When I nak sangat speak my mind out but I can't, due to respect or it's just not the right thing to do.

#6 Taken advantage of

#7 War

#8 Whenever my loved ones fight. :(

#9 Waiting

#10 Failing an exam or test. I hate that feeling. 

#11 Flirtatious guys.

#12 When my phones keep restarting before it even started. Baru sampai 'enter password', then ter off. And it continues.

#13 When the one you care most, turns into a stranger in a split second. 

This I love. :) Me and lil sis goofing around being Betty. :p  

Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm Feeling Old


SO. I'm finally home. For 4 MONTHS! Not exactly four lah but lebih kurang lah. Lame sangat I know. What I love about being home is that, otak kosong. Tu yang best tu. Tido la kau selama mana kau nak. Dengan syarat, kalau mummy bebel every morning, buat tak dengar je. :p Then tak payah risau2 keluar duit untuk perut kenyang. There's always food at home. Just prepare duit untuk meronggeng dengan kawan kawan bile keluar je. Heh. I'm planning to get myself a job. At least to get some extra pocket money kan. But once in a while, I still have to get down to KL if there's any events to attend ke ape kan. Ece. Mengada nya..

Besides that, I plan to.. ntah la. My wish list is getting longer and I don't know where to start. Will continue writing later la k


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Where The Heart Is

i'm home i'm home i'm home i'm home.

Friday, April 22, 2011


21 is my age of trial. What's yours?

1.I tried coloring my hair.
2.I tried cutting my hair short.
3.I tried braces.
4.I tried having someone special but not getting in serious relationship.
5.I tried taking singing a little bit more serious.

What did I get in return?

1.Once you've colored your hair, coloring process is expensive enough, maintaining it is another story. I guess, I'm satisfied for a short while and now, I guess I want my original black hair back. Anytime soon. 
2.It feels good. Senang kering. But somehow I don't feel beautiful (bukan la nak kata I perasan cantik, but I hope u know what I'm trying to express here) -.- I guess, long hair suites my characteristic more. Tapi for this kind of hectic schedule that I have to go through, I guess sesuai lah kot. 
3.I can smile with confidence now. I love my straighter teeth. Eventhough Nadia Zulkifli slalu marah sbb buang identiti diri. :p
4.I guess it's a healthy and good move. I adore him up until today. :) Everything is going on smoothly and naturally. It's something different and x pernah terbayang I'll be at this spot. I'm just wishing the best in everything. I just want to be happy. Never thought the right person was there all along. <3
5.Great experience. I love what I'm doing but sometimes the commitment and time tak mengizinkan. I'm still adapting to learn how to bahagikan masa wisely between this and my studies. Wouldn't want this to effect my studies in any way. Or I'll blame myself someday.

Long road.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Manusia Biasa

Ya Allah kuatkanlah semangat hambaMu yang lemah ini.
Sesungguhnya banyak cabaran yang Kau berikan kepadanya semenjak dua ini.
Amin Ya Rabillalamin..

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Are You Ready?

Assalamualaikum. :)

Hari ini hari Sabtu. Class has officially ended yesterday. Cepat pulak habis sem ni rasanya. :p
But I still have test on Monday and Tuesday, and then will be shooting back to Kuantan for a while! Wohooo! Rindu Teluk Chempedak, rindu keropok Gelora Point, rindu makan mummy's cooking, rindu makan ice cream mcD tepi tc malam malam, rindu Hoi Yin, rindu tido and bangun dalam air cond, rindu semua! rindu! :D
paraq dah ni. Will do the best for last two test ni, then, off I go. InsyaAllah...

*Some latest pictures*

 Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Chemistry, Part 2 students. :) 

Last class of Management

Last class of Ethic Relations

 At Chic Pop Bazaar with lovely Nurul. :)
Gosh, serabai je muke saye.

 An after photo, during a performance at One Bangsar.
Together with Kak Sally, Mona Lyssa, Gloria Band, Wafi and Shabab.

Snap back!
So harini belum tentu nak buat ape. At first thought of catching a movie today with S but somehow we didn't realised we are kind of broke. HAHA. Fine, just stay home then. Gonna finish my onhold lab reports. 2 more to go and that is the last of it and study Korean Language. Till then, 


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Don't Say

Was wasting my time online, and suddenly came out with these words. 
Not sure whether it could be a song tak, but the lyrics are something like this:

you told me you don't feel important,
don't say that baby, no no you can't
no one is ever as meaningful as you are,
never thought you could feel that far.

I don't need lots of things, even if I'm poor,
but one thing for sure,
I need you, just you, that could cure,
all the lure and make me feel secure.

don't say, baby don't say
if it continues, then it may
don't say, baby don't say
stay strong and let it fade away.

we have each other,
we could go futher,
go through one after another,
oh let's just be together.

there's no point of being strong
if you're not there to hold me on.
i've been waiting for someone like you all along.
and i present you this song.

don't say, baby don't say
if it continues, then it may
don't say, baby don't say
stay strong and let it fade away...



Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just Like I Said

Semester 2 is very tough for me indeed. There are so many reasons for me to say that.

1. The subjects are tough. Seriously tough and need lots of hard work and commitment in time.
2. I've been neglecting my time doing so many things at the same time, where at a point, I tend to forget my priority. I am not the supergirl I thought I was.
3. Most of the lecturers are not as helpful as last semester. Their approach on students this semester, I shall say, abit aggressive. Sometimes I don't feel like asking them anything at all. Whenever someone ask or anything, they'll give this one kind of stare. Is it the question? It it the presentation? Is it the face? I just don't get it sometimes. Previous semester's lecturer were so much easier to get along with. Hmm.
4. I seldom get to get back home to Kuantan. Previously, I made the effort to at least go home once a month, just to clear my mind a little. This sem... jarang jarang sekali. With all the activities I've ventured in, I'm not able to do so.

Whatever it is, I have such big responsibilities on my shoulder to carry. I'll certainly do the best that I could. Not for anybody else, but for me personally. & I want to make my parents proud too la kan. :)

Pray for me too will ya?
Take care.
I'm wishing the same for you too.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Plans & Dreams

Hearing my song kat blog ni, "Look into my eyes.."
and reading the title of my last post, "Depan mataku"..
made me realized something,
I love your eyes.
I think its mesmerizing. and I would love to own that eyes forever.
I would love for that pair of eyes to look at me the same way, even when I'm 73.
In years to come,
I would love to see that pair of eyes open slowly every morning.
I would love to see that pair of eyes close every night.
I just love that particular pair of eyes.

Ok, selingan. All of the sudden nak cakap pasal mata.  Ok, makin tak pasal. Mata siapa, itu yang kite tatau. 

I just got back from Damansara, @Pentas Bistro. Tonight was fun ! 
Tomorrow is not. Huhu. I have a test on Monday, so gotta prepare myself for tomorrow! Silalah rajinkan diri ye Nadia. :)

Till then,
Goodnight loves.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Depan Mataku

Assalamualaikum dears.

Whoa it's been a while. I finally have time to myself. Banyak nye kerja!!! Test! Assignment! Presentation! Nyanyi nyinyunnn.. I think this year's blog, every post pun I will say that I'm busy. Bala..Bala... 
Haha. Mom dah start bising2 dah cause I punya jadual macam ni. 
But that's ok. I'm loving what I'm doing right now, so no matter what I'll do my very best in everything that I ventured in. InsyaAllah. :)

So, next week will be the last week for kuliah, then study week, then FINAL!! OMG! Satu haprak pun tak ready weh.. Some of the subjects pun I tak rasa macam tak blaja apa. Takoitt.. 

This week activity:

Last Monday night : Pergi recording kat studio Bro Mochtar, for my 2nd song 'Depan Mataku' written by the talented Bro Shahir. Dia dulu worked under Aidit Alfian. He's writing a song for Elyana and Hafiz right now. Really honored to catch his attention and buat die nak tulis lagu untuk saye. he he. 

Thursday night : Attended Malam Saintis Muda, an award ceremony for Dean's List student utk last semester, for faculty of Applied Science. Interesting night. The best part is, dapat duit beb. Haha. Alhamdulillah.. This will somehow lift my spirit up to work even harder this semester even though dapat rasa sem ni sangat susah. Sama sama la kita usaha k? For those of you who will be seating for final exams soon, all the best to you too!!

Tonight : Will be attending this!

Nervous habis. I will be singing and accompanied by bro Shahir's guitar skills. Wish me luck! I know that I'm gonna have fun there. 

Till then,

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Define Love?

The thing about being love is, we learn a lot of things together. 
We grow mature together.
 Making mistakes will always come in the way, but the way we handle it and learn from the mistakes made, together, that would made u even a better person, a better partner for each other. 
Each party will learn to improve in every angle day by day without realizing it. The bond of love will be even stronger when things like this happen. Then, one day, when u're both old, and all is good, you'll look back and smile to all the things that had happened, together, and thankful for the bond of love that had been created. That is pure. 
Keep fighting for that one love you think that is right. Never be a loser and give up.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Angel of Love

this is dedicated specially for my dearest queen. 

I told my mom not to worry
No matter where I am or will be
I will always be that daughter and your baby
You're my angel of love oh dear mummy.

She calls and calls just to know where I am
She worries everytime I'm out after 12 a.m
I understand what you are feeling mam
It's just your baby girl has grown, oh whamm? ;p

Oh dear mom
Just be calm
Your baby girl is not going anywhere
I love you, no matter what, I swear.

We used to fight on silly little things
Even when I spent too much on earrings
or when my phone frequently rings
You're not ready to me let go, that's the thing.

You will always be my number one
My angel of love, my moon and my sun
Hold me tight and I will never run
Till we are both old, together we shall have fun

written by,
your baby girl.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Malam Hujan Perempuan

Assalamualaikum & Olla! :)

Baru balik dari rumah kekandaku. Went there to repair my pintu kereta kat one of the workshop at that area.. Ada masalah sikit dengan dia punya lock. So now, dah boleh "tick tock" kembali! Yeayy!! :D

This week there's going to be 2 tests. One is Ethic Relation that is tomorrow evening and one more is Management Test 2 on Friday. Can't wait for this week to end. One week by one week passes so quickly. Ada positive and negative nya. Tapi just wanna finish the semester asap! Don't know why. I'm sort of exhausted. With this semester's schedule macam kiterang ni robot and takde life! and also with this semester's extra activities. I just wanna focus on one at a time then I'll be satisfied. Hmm.

Talking bout extra activities. I will be performing once again kat @Pentas. This time it's for Ladies Night-Live Acoustic Show with other awesome young ladies. Here's more on it :

If you are interested and free, do come and support the show alright?
Till then,
Nak study dah.

Take care loves.

Yours truly,

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sweet Note

Tomorrow is Monday. Already??
Cepatnya weekend. No wonder orang KL stress. Sebabnya I think weekend in KL sometimes is much more hectic compared to weekdays. Jalan tak ingat dunia apa semua, balik2 exhausted. :p
My whole family was here in Abang Faisal's place, so I spent my weekend dengan dierang lah. Lame satu family tak kumpul together. I was happy. :) but a little bit moody too. Don't know why. -.-

I'll be going back to Shah Alam tomorrow morning cause class will be at 11.30am. I left my laundry kat rumah Shah Alam and so..nampaknya stock baju sangat limited lah this week. Kene hantar dobi la gamatnya. Duit lagi. Pemalas kan saya ni? HAHA. I don't know why but I think washing clothes with hands is really tiring and a waste of energy. Gituh.. Tapi kalau terpaksa, I'll do it. And baju yang kene handwash, I'll do it. Tapi kalau dah satu laundry bag penuh.. Errrr... ;p

abang ajak keluar dinner pulak.
Got to go!


Thursday, March 17, 2011


Mood: Sepi ditinggalkan roommate. She's gone back. Sedih ! Sedih! :p

I think I have a problem. I can't be left alone. I tend to be dysfunctional. Jadi tatau apa nak buat. Nak study, memang tak lah. So, saya akan buat menda yang membuang masa and takda faedah langsung. I can sit depan laptop ni sampai la ngantuk then jap lagi I'll be sleeping. I don't know why. I need human beings around me then only I'll be normal. In conclusion, please do not leave me alone. ;p

There's a song that I wrote last week, and I would like to share the lyrics here. It's still in the process of improving. The melody pun macam ade dalam kepale. Nanti la share. :) Dear friends, if there's any suggestion, I would love to hear. Alright? :)


Verse 1
Cinta, terasa indah
bila kau jejakanya
Kita, saling berdua
saling merasa kasih dan sayang

Cinta, banyak toleransinya
baru bahagia hingga keakhirnya
Kita, hanya lah mampu
kita merancang Tuhan tentukannya

mahukah, mahukah kamu 
kita bersama
mahukah, mahukah kamu
kita ke akhirnya

ayuh sama sama
sama kita bahagia
cerita segalanya
selesaikan semua bersama
oh oh oh oh......

 Verse 2
oh dear,
my life is just so clear
be with me forever
don't you ever disappear.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Some time to breathe at last.. I always feel like writing when the time is not right. Tetibe bukan depan laptop lah, kat luar lah. Pastu bile balik depan laptop, tanak pulak rasa nak tulis. -.-

So this week ade one test on Thursday. Organic Chemistry II. Semester 2 punya subjects seriously getting tougher. I'm not sure boleh tak maintain pointer or even cecah a good range. Doa banyak banyak sangat and I really want to work extra harder. Working smart is really not working well for me right now. I need to work harder starting today. Stress stress sampai rambut aku pun dipotong pendek. :p I can't remember the last time I cut my hair real short, but right now, I'm living with it. :p Shoulder length bob. I feel so ringan and younger. HAHA. Suprisingly takde pun perasaan menyesal. Tatau kenape. Maybe memang sesuai kot berambut pendek musim2 stress macam ni. :p

So, last Sunday, was my recording session for my single 'I Miss You Much'. It's a malay song tapinya with a line of English wordings. Written by Cikgu Adnan Abu Hassan. Am I a recording artist for him? Oh, definitely not. :) I'm involved in a project between local independent artistes and Online Talent Search (OTS) as I ade mentioned bout it in my previous post. We are recording a song for each artistes and compiling it and turning it into caller ringtones under OST website. More on this in the future. Right now we are just preparing all the materials for future use. I was excited ! as I do not have any of my own songs yet that is ready utk direcordedkan, so Cikgu Adnan contributes a song for me, sbb die pun one of the share partners in this project. The rest of the artistes like Acid Hadi, Azreel Azhar, Azfar, and Mona Lyssa semua dapat record their own songs and dah mula jual their singles pun. U guys should hear them! Serious they are really good! You can type each of their names kat facebook. :)  So I guess I'm the least experience person dalam group tu lah. :p But still, I hope korang doakan yang terbaik for me ok? I'll share more on this nanti. Bila lagu dah siap, boleh lah dapat kan kat tempat tempat that I'll inform u guys in the future ok? haha. Skali skale promote diri rasa geli jugak. :p 

during recording session kat rumah Cikgu Adnan, Kajang area.

Alright then, got to get ready.
Off for makan petang/dinner with my rommies. Bestie Jihan is staying with me and S for a few nights sebab her car break down. Habis la..kecoh lah rumah. :)
Oh btw, kalau whoever that have any suggestions on tempat makanan apa yang sedap around Shah Alam area, do share with me ok? Bosan dah hari hari asyik Saad Char Kuey Tiaw. :p

Till then,
Lots of love,