Monday, January 31, 2011

God Made Us in Pairs

I'm sorry for the no no update for weeks! It's been so hectic tatau kenape. If there's time for me to take a deep breath pun I'll be glad. I promise when things are settled down, I'll write regularly. 
Tapi, at this very moment, I still wanna steal some time to wish my dearest, lovely cousin, Kak Atee and her soulmate, Abang Shah, 
Selamat Pengantin Baru!! :)
Semoga kekal ke akhir hayat and have a happy and content life together.
This is a beginning of something new. 
Love you kak.

the cousins- yours truly, fifi, thira, kak atee, kak anee, ikin, nana & alia.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Happy Sunday people.. :) 
Back in Damansara to settle my laundry and to tenangkan badan and fikiran sikit.
Planning to go saloon today. In bangsar area. Jihan's sister punya saloon. Anyone nak accompany me? :/

I've posted about my dream last night kat facebook. 

"my mimpi brought me to year 2019. It seemed that I was taking a stroll with my super cute lil daughter and a talkative adorable baby boy that just learnt to walk. OMG! Haha!"

Seriously weird. Siap tahu the exact year lagi. Ala ala Phoebe dalam Charmed pulak. :p
2019..i should be 30 years old la kan. Make sense jugak. I think ni first time ever dalam hidup I dream about the future. Seblum ni macam semua either past or current. Akibat slalu fikir jauh la ni kot. Heh.

Smalam went to Education Fair 2011 that was held at KL Convention Center. Tanye punya tanye, ada banyak pihak that will sponsor students for master studies in UK for my course. Yang paling common skarang is Lecturer Program lah. And contract kerja is only for 2 to 3 years. Master studies will only take me around 1 year. So, sangat very bery interested. Doa doakan ea :)

So, saloon plan still on hold, and by evening nak balik Shah Alam dah. So far semua ok kat sana. 
Alright then,


Thursday, January 6, 2011


I'm all alone in my room right now. Just got back from dinner. Kat William. Portion die seriously big. Me and my friends ordered seafood spaghetti and then amik kau. Cukup utk share 3 orang. Syareena's out with her family. Her little bro is leaving to Kuala Kangsar tomorrow, so I guess they are having a family dinner or something. 

Esok my class at 12.30pm. Supposed to have chemistry lab esok pagi but normally the first week mmg takde lab. So I guess I can sleep abit late tonight and bangun kaw kaw lewat esok. :p 

Bought myself a study table yang boleh lipat today. Cukup la kot. Cost me RM27 je. Almaklumlah, hidup berpindah randah ni. Last semester the owner of my house provided me with an awesome study table. Tp rumah baru ni cam takde pulak. Kat hall bawah ada lah 4 study tables, but I guess semua already taken. One of my principle in studying, kene ada study table tetap and kene ada planner. That's all I need to stay focus. And I kene ade buku2 yang banyak tersusun rapi kat tepi that meja study. So, skarang ni ok la kot InsyaAllah.

Semua mende dah cukup rasanya. Tomorrow plan nak pergi one of my senior's house nak ambil notes and buku2 yang patot pulak. Then weekend rasa macam nak balik abang's place. Tgk la macammana. The weirdest this happened tadi petang. Somehow I terlanggar simen longkang btol2 dpn my car when I was about to move my car from the parking lot. Serious tak perasan mende tu kat depan. And now, I guess I scratched my rim a little and caused some damage to my inner bumper. I'm scared..what should I do.. Even though it was only a minor accident but still.. the first time ever my baby atos kene scratched. :( I hope the cost of fixing it tak banyak and harap things will be just fine. What a bad moment.

Ok lah, nak get prepare myself for tomorrow's class and then I guess, off to bed!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Take A Risk

Assalamualaikum W.B.T
I'm safely back at Shah Alam. Masih tak tenteram kat sini. Haven't exactly settle down but I'm working on it. Cuti lama sangatkan. Biaselahh. And oh! Before I forget, Happy New Year !!! 2011 babe. I'm officially 22 this year. Goodness! Another year older, another year wiser (just sent this to Meen for her 22nd birthday wish. :p) . How was your new year celebration? Mine was a blast. Had a quiet bbq dinner with some close friends at an awesome place. Something that I would remember for the rest of my life. :)

I'm renting a room at a new place, somewhere not very far from my previous. I guess I nak share how my new room looks like lah.. 
Here we go..

ma bunk..

 her bunk. :p

takde la cantik sangat macam those ikea display rooms. :p But comfortable enough for me hidup hari2. :)

Classes mostly dah start. I think semester 2 ni is getting much tougher. My subjects for this semester, 

Analytical Separation Method
Organic Chemistry II
Physical Chemistry II
Korean I
Ethnic Relations
Report Writing
Principles & Practice of Management

Good luck to me la kan? Banyak betol subjects. 
I'm hoping that this year akan lebih best and bermakna compare to last year. Still can't believe that I'm turning 22. Yet, I guess my parents still thinks I'm 17 most of the time. *sigh..
Cleo's Star Gazer stated that, 
Waste time keeping everyone else happy and opportunities to prove your worth will pass you by. 
Exactly what I'm feeling right now. 

K lah,
Tanak cakap banyak.
Ade free time, I'll blog again soon.