Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sushi Yes Ya!

I apologize for the silence. Hee. Alot has happen, I must say. :) 
Still the same old me, not to worry. Just wanted to blog about food this time. My favorite type of food, Japanese! Besides Chinese and Western. :) I've tried sushi in so many places before but back home, I've always prefer this original place for sushi ever since I'm a teenager. Sushi No Ya, Berjaya Megamall, Kuantan. Even before Sushi King exists in East Coast Mall, I've been eating this. And personally I think it's better than Sushi King. So, why not the next time you're in Kuantan, give this place a try. 

Old time favorite! Ebi fried Maki. 

U get her point right? :p

Till then,


Azra Yukiko said...

yum! rasa-rasa ada kt KL tak?

EZAN IDMA said...


NadiaRustham said...

KL takde. die macam one and only je. :p tapi kat KL i cadang, ZanMai Sushi! Serious best! And harga pun lebih kurang Sushi King.