Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Proud Aunt!

I'm sincerely a proud aunt to

Aria Camellia binti Faisal
Fareed Zubayr bin Fairul

daughter and son of both my brothers and their wife masing2. Kang ingat kawen dua pulak kan? :)

Growing up with them since I was little, now all grown up, being a father lagi, how time flies... and makes me want to have my own too. *sobs* 
one day, insyaAllah...
I'm sure they'll be a wonderful and responsible father, just like ours.
Thank you to both my sister in law too for being the strongest mother while delivering their babies. I get to 'hear' Fareed being born, and oh, it wasn't an easy one. *goosebumps*

Love my family...
....and looking forward for more babies. :)