Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Yet Another Year

I'm 25 today!

Alhamdulillah for giving me yet another year to live. It's been 25 years of living and I'm practically exhausted already. *lols* 
No lah. How can I be exhausted when there are so many things to offer in life?

I'm so thankful throughout this 25 years of living, I'm blessed with a happy family, an awesome husband who besides doing his responsibilities as a husband, I find don't mind helping out in the kitchen, doing laundry once in a while and making up bed in the morning when I had to take most time doing make up to rush cause we woke up late for work some days. Thank you my sayang.
Alhamdulillah too for giving me a decent job to make my life a smoother ride. 

Here's to a blessed life !
What more could I ask for from others kan. I think I have enough. Heeee.

But, why not I buy something to reward myself instead? 
Right....? I've been eyeing this one purse........ Heeeeee.......

*typing..........*  www.gucci.com, *click!*


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