Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hello, 2015!

Good morning 2015! 

Had a good know.. cause I slept last night and found out that I woke up a year after! 

ok lame... i know right? Can't help it. :)

How was your new year's eve?
I'm feeling really old ya know. When I was smaller, I remember my family always had a grand new years eve celebration. 
Dad would buy us a table at an event somewhere and celebrate till midnight strikes. Mom, her friends and includes little me would go do our hair, buy new clothes and etc.
Whoa. Gone were the 'lagho' days. *heee, kiddin*

So last night, A and I decided to went for a quiet movie and coffee date instead. 
Our first new year as husband and wife. Haaa..
I thought that was nice. 

BUT somehow A really knows how to burst my bubble though.
You know why?

Last night, in the car he asked me what have I achieved for 2014.
It was a really long list of items wouldn't want to waste my time writing here again. 
And I ask him back.

Guess what did he answer me????? 
A: "I think I have done so much this year. And now I feel so tired."

Oh my. Way to go to start a new year with that spirit sayang!

*strangled him already no worries* :p

Then he said, "Most important is, I'm gonna get kurus this year!"

Me: *Roll eyes

But being a supportive wife, "Go for it sayang! You can do it!!" 

Inside of me: *roll eyes big time again*

Heeee. Kidding sayang. Go for it! I know you can! Reallllyyyy!

So what's my goals for this year?
That would be a looooooong list.

What I know is:

I would love to travel somewhere I haven't been.
That's my ultimate goal. No matter where. I just want to go somewhere else for a moment.
Let's see at the end of the year, where shall I be. 
Whenever I travel, some part of my heart blossoms. 
Even it is just a temporary happiness (you will feel stress and unhappy again after that getaway), 
but the things you see, feel and hear remains as a part of you eternally. That's the wonders of travelling.  

I would also want to excel in life. 
Now that I have a comfortable home to live in with A, I would like to focus more on other things. 
Spiritual. Career. MeetSuri. Family. Bank account. Heee. 

Till then, 


Unknown said...

that's quite a long list! good luck to you on achieving what you set your mind into.

I also need to shed some weight. cannot eat to much now :)

I also want to travel to places I've never set foot before. can breathe and unwind for a refreshing view ehehe :B

nadiarustham said...

I wish you all the best too in what you have set your mind into!

Best of luck! :)

Lyranadya said...

good luck in ur goal.. me too want to travel around the world. lets achieve together..heeee

Unknown said...

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