Friday, December 10, 2010

You Make My Heart Go..

Wow dah lame tak tulis.
I've been busy. or making myself busy. :p
So, what's new?
Skarang ni tgh menanti result! Ya Allah hanye Tuhan yang tau betape kecutnye perot ni. Semua lemak lemak boleh pecah tau tak. 
Pagi tadi lepas kelas tuition kimia utk adik adik, tros lari naik atas sbb dapat call dari my classmate saying that result dah keluar. Ape lagi. Dup dap dup dap mmg tak kire dah. Bukak bukak,
page cannot be displayed.
try punya try tak dapat bukak lagi sampai la ke petang.
and tadi malam die keluar ni pulak kat student portal,

Final Examination Results for Semester 1 2010/2011 will be sent through email to all students on 10th Dec 2010. The Final Examination Result can also be accessed beginning 9.00 am, 10th Dec 2010.

and right now, at 1.17am, makin nerbes la saya. Mane taknye, one of my friend cakap die baru dapat email result die. 
Hoping all will be fine.
Amin Amin

ps. And oh! tadi tetibe terfikir2 kejap on what to do with my new rented room in Shah Alam, and tetibe terfikir yg I want a plain red bedsheets for my bed. Yang comfy comfy punya. Obviously will be looking for it in Ikea. ;) 
Seriously dah semakin tak sabar utk pulang ke sane..

And I don't know why, tibe2 terkenangkan nasib, everything yang happen dalam hidup kite ni, is it all because of diri kite sendiri ke, takdir ke, memang dah tertulis ke, sbb orang lain ke..or cemane?
And tibe2 rasa macam nak fikir am I a bad person? I'm not sure where do all these negative feelings are coming but I certainly felt this way right now. Can you feel happy but also all alone at the same time? Sometimes I do. I don't understand myself sometimes. I am being myself, living with no bad intension to others at all, trying to have a good life, with good people around me, wants a life filled with love and be loved, trying to be all positive most of the time. Do u just have to judge? Hmm. Oh romeo, please appear someday and come safe me from this misery.


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