Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bread Spread

Assalamualaikum.. :)
Class ended at 2pm today. Alhamdulillah.. I only have one assignment nak kena settle today that is for my Report Writing Subject. Cara utk write report pun kena ada subject sendiri. Tak cukup dengan lab lab reports yang dah memang banyak tu. Aduh.. Gonna finish it after this. Then I'm free baybeh.. Test CTU esok pun cancel. Alhamdulillah lagi. Heh.

Lepas class, went to lunch ngn my bestfriend, S kat Pak Li Kopitiam. It's been a while since I last pekena dia punya Nasi Ayam Lemon. For those yang tak pernah dengar, you should try! Best jugak..  It gives you a different twist compare to your ordinary Nasi Ayam.

 The very famous Nasi Ayam Lemon, Pak Li's Kopitiam

All these weeks, very hectic. Disebabkan itu, I ajak S teman pergi cuci rambut kasi hilang stress. Hehe. So off we went a saloon nearby and decided to ask the person to blow my hair straight. I feel goooooddd. Skali skale, you just got to have some ME time to keep things on track and to keep myself sane. 

Camwhore pictures macam ni pun perlu kadang2 utk maintain sanity. :p

Alright, btw, just for those yang interested and around the area, this Friday, @Pentas Bistro (the place yang I mention kat my previous post) is organizing another event..... 

what to sing ? what to sing? I haven't have my own songs, so might be singing covers as usual. I think. 
Ok takpe, go on with my classes dulu. Tu yang penting and my priority.
Then we'll think of this.
Till then,




I happened to bump into your blog and decided to follow.
you are so pretty :)

nina shakina said...

hai akak!
i'm ur junior in sabs..i juz follow u..hit me back :)

cet said...

urm..sy rasa sy cam awk la..prnh keje kt nicole parkson dlu kn??? btol...?dan sy nmpk awk kt uitm shah alam..FSG rite?
nadia, letak la video awk nyanyi..suke dgr kot suara awk

Nadia said...

thanks guys. appreciate it alot!! :)
cet: serious? camne ley cam ni? haha. awak pun FSG? nanti saye upload. segan segan lagi nih. hehehe.

cet said...

haha...tgk2 blog org, pastu mcm kenal je bdk ni...rasanye bdk yg keje parkson kt megamall neh..haha.pas SPM dlu kite kan keje...bdk2 lg..wakaka.sy jaga classic profile, awk jg nicole..time tu geng2 lepasan SPM je yg keje..slalu jmpe kt surau parkson yg kecik tu...dlu sy FSG...tp skang da tukar fac..fac. agroteknologi n perladangan..sblh je ngan FSG