Monday, March 7, 2011

Shooting Stars

and suddenly my number of followers has shoot to 128 from 87 in just 2 days? 
terkejut I. hahah! :D terime kasih kerana sudi mengikuti blog ini even though there's nothing much here actually. :p
I write when I feel like writing and I share things that I feel like sharing. 

Well, first of all,
Assalamualaikum loves. :)

I just got back from class. I definitely got the Monday blues dudes. Seriously kalau datang kelas 8.30 pagi kat pintu pagar Uitm Shah Alam tu on Monday morning, tak kira lah pintu depan ke, belakang ke, seriously rasa macam kat Vietnam ! The traffic is just terrible! Motor himpit sana, kereta himpit sini, bus besar sikit lagi nak geser kereta. Fuh. Peluh aku pagi pagi. All the sabun and perfume sembur pagi pagi tu pun boleh hilang effect die. 

I have Physical Chemistry II test tomorrow at 1130am. One killer subject. Risau pulak rasanya. I have to study this time to make up to my last test. It wasn't that good. The whole class were having trouble understanding her subject. Therefore, we should all work harder! Prove to her that we are way better than she expected us to be. 

Going to head to the bathroom,
then nak start study dah.
I have one good news. For those of you yang dah bace kat my status kat facebook, you'll know what I mean. Thanks so much to Datin Sally, the owner of studio @Pentas for giving me this golden opportunity and amazing experience. I'll update bout this very soon. Till then,
Let me get back to reality.
That is- mandi and belajaq!




ada van de kamp said...

been following since ages.. congrats for ur achievement! u deserve it :) (such a stalker i am hehe)

Nadia said...

haha. don't worry. i pun stalker jugak. hahaha! thanks babe. appreciate it. :)

zatil said...

hye,zatil follow sini :)

nice blog act.

btw, dah sign up for HEARTBEAT?
come and join me here.