Tuesday, May 31, 2011

13 things that I hate

Saw this one somewhere on twitter.
One way of telling you I've just join twitter. :p
Search me up : yayarustham :)

So, here we go:

 #1 Dikejutkan pagi pagi dengan nada marah marah and paksa. I'll have no trouble waking up whatsoever if cakap ngn I baik baik. Tu je.

#2 Sayur bernama Peria

#3 Mint Sauce yang dah bercampur dalam my main dish especially if I'm ordering lamb. Spoiil.

#4  When I have no money in my wallet and suddenly pergi jalan kat mall and macam banyak barang cantik nak beli. Bila ada duit, semua barang pun macam tak cantik. Aish.

#5 When I nak sangat speak my mind out but I can't, due to respect or it's just not the right thing to do.

#6 Taken advantage of

#7 War

#8 Whenever my loved ones fight. :(

#9 Waiting

#10 Failing an exam or test. I hate that feeling. 

#11 Flirtatious guys.

#12 When my phones keep restarting before it even started. Baru sampai 'enter password', then ter off. And it continues.

#13 When the one you care most, turns into a stranger in a split second. 

This I love. :) Me and lil sis goofing around being Betty. :p  

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