Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm Feeling Old


SO. I'm finally home. For 4 MONTHS! Not exactly four lah but lebih kurang lah. Lame sangat I know. What I love about being home is that, otak kosong. Tu yang best tu. Tido la kau selama mana kau nak. Dengan syarat, kalau mummy bebel every morning, buat tak dengar je. :p Then tak payah risau2 keluar duit untuk perut kenyang. There's always food at home. Just prepare duit untuk meronggeng dengan kawan kawan bile keluar je. Heh. I'm planning to get myself a job. At least to get some extra pocket money kan. But once in a while, I still have to get down to KL if there's any events to attend ke ape kan. Ece. Mengada nya..

Besides that, I plan to.. ntah la. My wish list is getting longer and I don't know where to start. Will continue writing later la k


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