Sunday, January 8, 2012

Written on the Stars

Heyyy whatcha doing?
Salam semua.. :)

Just finished doing some crazy things with my housemates.
One of them was trying to do something for her bf's birthday. Soon. January 10th. 
She said she wanna do like a little video for her special one.
And suddenly we came out with this super cute idea !! 
But I'm not gonna share with you guys now. Tapi seriously besssttt! Haha.
Can't wait for her to publish it nanti.
I just ada few pictures to show you what was happening just now. :)

Ok, banyak gambar selfish di situ. Hee.
Till then, study smart and sweetdreams dearest! <3



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pRImRosE...~mencari ketenangan dalam peperangan...~ ;p said... look really good wif that scarf on.. :)