Monday, June 4, 2012

for an amazing person

Hello, hye. :)

Tonight I'm in this kind of mood.
Lovie dovie mood I supposed. Hehe.
Do you remember those times, during highschool, when u were so in love, going through your first ever love, love notes, heart shapes, scribbles, everywhere?? That kind of feeling.
At this point of life, I know most people had go through a lot in this particular area, and most prefer to just share those love between the two you and keeping things private. I certainly prefer that for now.
But tonight don't know lah. Maybe I'm just too happy. Or even just simple thankful to have a such wonderful, loving, easy going partner. So far lah kan. Hehehe. Amin.
Therefore, I think I would like to dedicate this post to him (even he would never bump into this post, if he does, it would so be so yesterday, cause he's so not a social internet guy).
We had no anniversary date whatsoever, as things just happened. He's a year older, friends since I'm 14 (same highschool), bestfriend since declare friends, each has our own life, never fail to contact each other each year, he never fails to call me once in a blue moon even when we're nowhere to be found since both are in different uni, so we remained closed ever since, he started showing interest (ecey, perasan plak) since year 2010, started hanging out quite often, applied his internship nearby me just to be closed (ecey, perasan lagi), I'm practically stucked with him until till very moment ever since! (hehe just kidding sweetheart :) ) 

So sayang, this is for you. <3

30 things that I love about you

1. I love your honesty. You don't SAY things, but you DO things. That is simply amazing.
2. I love that your never fail to not call me at least once in a day. We've been speaking every single day since June? July 2010? I'm not sure, but tu lah.
3, I love how funny you are. 
4. I love the way you put things just to prove a point that I'm doing something wrong cause I can be a very difficult person at times, but you know how to handle me.
5. I love how you treat your parents, your siblings, your families.
6. I love when you get so serious when it comes to discussing politics. 
7. I love when you get so serious when it comes to talking about life.
8. I love the fact that you talk a lot. Too much sometimes! Hehe tp that attracts me to you at the first place actually. :p
9. I love the way you look deep into my eyes every time when we are having a conversation.
10. I love how generous you are when you have extra money. Hehehehehe.
11. I love when you sibuk sangat nak suruh I break kereta dengan tangan2 nya when I'm driving too fast and too near to the front car. So my daddy. Hee.
12. I love the fact that both of us appreciate good food and think good food as a reward and satisfying in a way. :)
13. I love seeing you playing with your cats. <3
14. I love you so much when you once said you couldn't wait to be my Imam one day.
15. I love you when you tell me that you love me.
16. I love to make u stay positive when you are feeling down for having a sweaty hands. Hehe. Pecah rahsia? ;p
17. I love you for being the most honest commentator when it comes to my cooking, but biasanya sedap kan syg? ;pp
18. I hate the fact that I still love you sebab you can be so annoying sometimes! ;p
19. I love how sweet you can be. You just know what to do, what to say, what to respond. 
20. I love when you're being jealous for the weirdest reason, and feeling sorry about it, but still can't help it. So cute :)
21. I love the talent you have for making awesome tea! 
22. You are a man filled with 1001 surprises. There's always something new from you every day.
23. I love the fact that I tak pernah rasa lama when I'm with you. Things just happen and flows.
24. I love you because you are open to things. You are not afraid to try new things, new experience, new places, new culture, new food, new books etc, then lepas cuba, baru lah u judge. Kalau u tak suka, habis la I kalau I'm the one who brought up that idea.....
25,. I love the fact that you can loosen me up, be myself, and not be in controlled as I used to.
26. I love how simple you are.
27. I love how you automatically you open your mouth when you play the guitar. HAHA! Adorable habit!
28. I love the fact that you know how to play the piano!! And I can't. :( Yes, please be my lifetime teacher! :)
29.  I love how camwhore you can be at times! 
30. and.. I forgot to say that I love how handsome and good looking you are. :)

There are thousands more reasons that had made me love you,
and I'll never stop,
I'll love you even more,
May the thought that we are destined for each other,
With Allah's willing.


Anna Mohamed Amin said...

Do I smell nasi minyak on the way? hehee.. ;)

NadiaRustham said...

not yet la kakak..LONGGGGG way to go. Hehe.

- shamimie - said...

madly in love la nii... alhamdulillah.. smoga ke jinjang pelamin.... :D

miss jijie said...

wahhhhh... so sweet entry ini... love birds. tinggal jejak yer =)

Nakreze Mehndi said...

Amazing blog you have there Nadia! :)