Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Pre Post Wedding Weight Gain

Before wedding...

A: "I think it's too late for me to loose weight before the wedding lah sayang. Tak sempat ni. There's so many things to think and do. I promise after wedding I'm going to loose weight. I'm going to work out everyday!"

After wedding....

A: "I feel so happy I don't know why. Right now I feel so happy when I'm spending time with you. I always feel nak makan sedap sedap dengan you. Nak gelak gelak dengan you. I feel so happy lah. Never before I felt this happy."

Me: "So, you won't loose weight lah ni?"

A: "Sayang.. don't you want me to be happy?"


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lia ummiirfan said...

hahaha..! alamakk... 😂😂😂😉