Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A New Roommate/Housemate

We are mooooving!
The best part is, A is moving in too!

Therefore, got myself a new housemate/roommate! So far the most days we spent together was during our honeymoon in Phuket period, that was 2 weeks plus. (*people make our beds and stuff so everything was beautiful and nice.)
Then there goes long holiday breaks the most would be 5 straight days.
At normal condition it would be a 3 days 2 nights servicing A as a wife. Heee.

So 365days a year time a gazzilion years to live together with A. Alamak habislahhh. 
Heee. Kidding. Amin... My doa has finally coming true... Alhamdulillah..

What I love about this new place is....
It's situated just 200 metres from the main road. And that means???
Better phone lines! 
Unlike the place I'm staying now. All I got for signal is E or GPRS. On very very lucky days I'll be able to get 3G the whole night! By lucky I mean...once in every 2 months?

I'll be able to install ASTRO too. 
A promised me to provide me with 700+ channels. 
That means???
E! Entertainment! Travel & Living!

Besides, I'll be able to decorate the house with whatever I feel like it.
Wake up no matter what time I want on weekends. :)
And set up a new office space for my homebrand, MeetSuri & Co.
I love fashion. I love sharing. I love everything beautiful.
I would love to share what I love and hoping people will love it too.
yeah... So much loveeee right?

So wait for the soon to be released products by my baby MeetSuri&Co alright?

Till then,


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