Sunday, January 9, 2011


Happy Sunday people.. :) 
Back in Damansara to settle my laundry and to tenangkan badan and fikiran sikit.
Planning to go saloon today. In bangsar area. Jihan's sister punya saloon. Anyone nak accompany me? :/

I've posted about my dream last night kat facebook. 

"my mimpi brought me to year 2019. It seemed that I was taking a stroll with my super cute lil daughter and a talkative adorable baby boy that just learnt to walk. OMG! Haha!"

Seriously weird. Siap tahu the exact year lagi. Ala ala Phoebe dalam Charmed pulak. :p
2019..i should be 30 years old la kan. Make sense jugak. I think ni first time ever dalam hidup I dream about the future. Seblum ni macam semua either past or current. Akibat slalu fikir jauh la ni kot. Heh.

Smalam went to Education Fair 2011 that was held at KL Convention Center. Tanye punya tanye, ada banyak pihak that will sponsor students for master studies in UK for my course. Yang paling common skarang is Lecturer Program lah. And contract kerja is only for 2 to 3 years. Master studies will only take me around 1 year. So, sangat very bery interested. Doa doakan ea :)

So, saloon plan still on hold, and by evening nak balik Shah Alam dah. So far semua ok kat sana. 
Alright then,


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Anna Mohamed Amin said...

good luck pursuing your masters! I hope u'll get it! studying oversea is quite an experience! :))