Thursday, July 28, 2011

Reason to Love

Jumlah hari cuti : almost 75 hari (2 bulan lebih)
Hasil daripada cuti : menggalakkan. :)

I'm so sorry I haven't been actively blogging. (If there's anyone out there cares. :p) 
I've just realised that I will only think about blogging, vlogging, only when I'm going through a hectic life. It's kinda like a therapy for me in between. So macam skarang ni, free je semacam, I tend to do something else.
Hmm.. So what's up peeps?

I just got back from a trip from Singapore. Yeay!! At last tersampai hajat. Another wish to cross out from my 'The List'!
The trip was awesome. Went with my girlfriend, Ili. I really wanna go there again. :)

Life in Kuantan is also alhamdulillah. Spending alot of time at home nowadays to spend more time with my parents. I cook. More than I expected. :) Watched Jamie 30 Minutes Meals most of the time, so I was super inspired! :) If I'm not out with Mr. A, I'll be out with my darling friends sometimes. So, life is a bless. <3

Ramadhan is just around the corner. This time around, I'll be celebrating the whole Ramadhan month at home. Lupa dah bila last dapat peluang camni. Tapi kalau dah kat rumah ni al-maklumlah. Mesti terbaring je most of the time. Tapi super excited nak pergi bazaar petang petang cari kuih ngn my dad. Takyah sedih2 dah bersahur sensorang kat kolej ke ape kan. :p To all Muslim out there, Selamat Menyambut Ramadham Al Mubarak. :) 
p/s puasa ahd ke isnin ke selasa ea?

Till then,
got to run some errands,

A picture taken at Harbour Front, Singapore.

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