Friday, July 29, 2011

You'll Never Know

It's almost midnight. Heart is trying to tell me something. Lately been hearing bad love news from my nearest and dearest friends, telling me how they are starting to not understand man/the love of their life that well. I am too, dealing with the same problem sometimes though. Men don't understand us, and us, women never thought we could understand men either. I think that's natural. Kan ada wujud buku something like 'Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus'. Something like that la, exactly I pun not very sure. We are two types of different creature senang cerita and somehow we will attract each other. :)

But what I know about relationship is, being in one is very very easy. All you need is love interest from both parties, tolak tambah darab bahagi, pooof!! we are head over heals in love. Apa yang susah is to sustain the love throughout. Everyone pun wants a happy love story am I right? All we need is very very high toleration sebenarnya. Who am I to talk about this kan, but I do hold to certain words of wisdom to keep me motivated and staying strong. 

I'm a very choosy person when it comes to love. Choosy in just the type of person that I choose to like. Bukan lah sapa masuk jarum, akan suka. Not that kind of person to tell you the truth. But I believe, when I like you, I just do. There's nothing more I can do. So, when I choose to like, that's my choice. Dad pernah kasi satu pepatah ni, "Every decision u've made on your own, stick to it through thick and thin. After all it's your choice, and no body force you to." I pegang kata kata ni tak kisah lah dalam bab love ke education ke, especially on life. I don't know whether I'm making a point here, tapi falling in and out of love is a tiring thing to go through. Make it work. No matter what. Toleration. Communication. Try to put your self in your partner's shoes once in a while. Don't expect too much from a person. The less you expect, the more you'll get in the end. Trust me. Saya bukan sapa sapa untuk bicara soal ni, even I'm always praying for my own happiness. We don't know what's gonna happen, as long as we try and we know our other half is also trying as hard as we do. They just might have a different way to express it. We just have to keep a positive mind and heart.

Stay with the person who promises nothing to you but willing to make you happy and you are being valued like no other''
"It takes fate for two person to meet. It takes destiny for two person who're meant to be. And its takes hard work for everything in between."

Treasure what you have for now, stop questioning start appreciating for once and just enjoy the love in between. 



misz sheyla said...

hargai lah apa yg kite ada...

Toink Toink said...

hahaha.da nak raye wei.raye raye