Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Some time to breathe at last.. I always feel like writing when the time is not right. Tetibe bukan depan laptop lah, kat luar lah. Pastu bile balik depan laptop, tanak pulak rasa nak tulis. -.-

So this week ade one test on Thursday. Organic Chemistry II. Semester 2 punya subjects seriously getting tougher. I'm not sure boleh tak maintain pointer or even cecah a good range. Doa banyak banyak sangat and I really want to work extra harder. Working smart is really not working well for me right now. I need to work harder starting today. Stress stress sampai rambut aku pun dipotong pendek. :p I can't remember the last time I cut my hair real short, but right now, I'm living with it. :p Shoulder length bob. I feel so ringan and younger. HAHA. Suprisingly takde pun perasaan menyesal. Tatau kenape. Maybe memang sesuai kot berambut pendek musim2 stress macam ni. :p

So, last Sunday, was my recording session for my single 'I Miss You Much'. It's a malay song tapinya with a line of English wordings. Written by Cikgu Adnan Abu Hassan. Am I a recording artist for him? Oh, definitely not. :) I'm involved in a project between local independent artistes and Online Talent Search (OTS) as I ade mentioned bout it in my previous post. We are recording a song for each artistes and compiling it and turning it into caller ringtones under OST website. More on this in the future. Right now we are just preparing all the materials for future use. I was excited ! as I do not have any of my own songs yet that is ready utk direcordedkan, so Cikgu Adnan contributes a song for me, sbb die pun one of the share partners in this project. The rest of the artistes like Acid Hadi, Azreel Azhar, Azfar, and Mona Lyssa semua dapat record their own songs and dah mula jual their singles pun. U guys should hear them! Serious they are really good! You can type each of their names kat facebook. :)  So I guess I'm the least experience person dalam group tu lah. :p But still, I hope korang doakan yang terbaik for me ok? I'll share more on this nanti. Bila lagu dah siap, boleh lah dapat kan kat tempat tempat that I'll inform u guys in the future ok? haha. Skali skale promote diri rasa geli jugak. :p 

during recording session kat rumah Cikgu Adnan, Kajang area.

Alright then, got to get ready.
Off for makan petang/dinner with my rommies. Bestie Jihan is staying with me and S for a few nights sebab her car break down. Habis la..kecoh lah rumah. :)
Oh btw, kalau whoever that have any suggestions on tempat makanan apa yang sedap around Shah Alam area, do share with me ok? Bosan dah hari hari asyik Saad Char Kuey Tiaw. :p

Till then,
Lots of love,



Nora said...

Waw!congrates Yaya..nnt bgtau klu da klua..i la org da 1st yg beli dlu..hehe...i follow blog u...

Nadia said...

alala. didn't know u follow. thanks babe! alright! nnt i promote kat u. hahaha!

Azwan Mohamed said...

nad....nt sem nie usaha la sungguh2....aku pn takut gak.....tp s'lg ada masa s'lg tu la kita bleh usaha.....jgn cepat ptus asa....n tahniah coz dh ade own song....nt jgn lupa bg aku dgr.....hehehehhee=)

Mr. Juber said...

My mom calls me bobby :)