Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Angel of Love

this is dedicated specially for my dearest queen. 

I told my mom not to worry
No matter where I am or will be
I will always be that daughter and your baby
You're my angel of love oh dear mummy.

She calls and calls just to know where I am
She worries everytime I'm out after 12 a.m
I understand what you are feeling mam
It's just your baby girl has grown, oh whamm? ;p

Oh dear mom
Just be calm
Your baby girl is not going anywhere
I love you, no matter what, I swear.

We used to fight on silly little things
Even when I spent too much on earrings
or when my phone frequently rings
You're not ready to me let go, that's the thing.

You will always be my number one
My angel of love, my moon and my sun
Hold me tight and I will never run
Till we are both old, together we shall have fun

written by,
your baby girl.