Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sweet Note

Tomorrow is Monday. Already??
Cepatnya weekend. No wonder orang KL stress. Sebabnya I think weekend in KL sometimes is much more hectic compared to weekdays. Jalan tak ingat dunia apa semua, balik2 exhausted. :p
My whole family was here in Abang Faisal's place, so I spent my weekend dengan dierang lah. Lame satu family tak kumpul together. I was happy. :) but a little bit moody too. Don't know why. -.-

I'll be going back to Shah Alam tomorrow morning cause class will be at 11.30am. I left my laundry kat rumah Shah Alam and so..nampaknya stock baju sangat limited lah this week. Kene hantar dobi la gamatnya. Duit lagi. Pemalas kan saya ni? HAHA. I don't know why but I think washing clothes with hands is really tiring and a waste of energy. Gituh.. Tapi kalau terpaksa, I'll do it. And baju yang kene handwash, I'll do it. Tapi kalau dah satu laundry bag penuh.. Errrr... ;p

abang ajak keluar dinner pulak.
Got to go!


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