Thursday, March 31, 2011

Define Love?

The thing about being love is, we learn a lot of things together. 
We grow mature together.
 Making mistakes will always come in the way, but the way we handle it and learn from the mistakes made, together, that would made u even a better person, a better partner for each other. 
Each party will learn to improve in every angle day by day without realizing it. The bond of love will be even stronger when things like this happen. Then, one day, when u're both old, and all is good, you'll look back and smile to all the things that had happened, together, and thankful for the bond of love that had been created. That is pure. 
Keep fighting for that one love you think that is right. Never be a loser and give up.



Aifaa R. said...

hello! miss you! dah lama i tak singgah sini, actually dah jarang update and ni baru je aktif semula heeee :) entry lama lama byk dah delete hehe.

Nadia said...

hye aifaa! :) same la. at one time nadia pun delete apa semua. thanks sudi singgah2. kite pun slalu singgah ur blog. i like to see those nice pictures and all. :)

Ili Naquiah said...

lovely words..!


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