Saturday, April 9, 2011

Depan Mataku

Assalamualaikum dears.

Whoa it's been a while. I finally have time to myself. Banyak nye kerja!!! Test! Assignment! Presentation! Nyanyi nyinyunnn.. I think this year's blog, every post pun I will say that I'm busy. Bala..Bala... 
Haha. Mom dah start bising2 dah cause I punya jadual macam ni. 
But that's ok. I'm loving what I'm doing right now, so no matter what I'll do my very best in everything that I ventured in. InsyaAllah. :)

So, next week will be the last week for kuliah, then study week, then FINAL!! OMG! Satu haprak pun tak ready weh.. Some of the subjects pun I tak rasa macam tak blaja apa. Takoitt.. 

This week activity:

Last Monday night : Pergi recording kat studio Bro Mochtar, for my 2nd song 'Depan Mataku' written by the talented Bro Shahir. Dia dulu worked under Aidit Alfian. He's writing a song for Elyana and Hafiz right now. Really honored to catch his attention and buat die nak tulis lagu untuk saye. he he. 

Thursday night : Attended Malam Saintis Muda, an award ceremony for Dean's List student utk last semester, for faculty of Applied Science. Interesting night. The best part is, dapat duit beb. Haha. Alhamdulillah.. This will somehow lift my spirit up to work even harder this semester even though dapat rasa sem ni sangat susah. Sama sama la kita usaha k? For those of you who will be seating for final exams soon, all the best to you too!!

Tonight : Will be attending this!

Nervous habis. I will be singing and accompanied by bro Shahir's guitar skills. Wish me luck! I know that I'm gonna have fun there. 

Till then,

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