Friday, April 22, 2011


21 is my age of trial. What's yours?

1.I tried coloring my hair.
2.I tried cutting my hair short.
3.I tried braces.
4.I tried having someone special but not getting in serious relationship.
5.I tried taking singing a little bit more serious.

What did I get in return?

1.Once you've colored your hair, coloring process is expensive enough, maintaining it is another story. I guess, I'm satisfied for a short while and now, I guess I want my original black hair back. Anytime soon. 
2.It feels good. Senang kering. But somehow I don't feel beautiful (bukan la nak kata I perasan cantik, but I hope u know what I'm trying to express here) -.- I guess, long hair suites my characteristic more. Tapi for this kind of hectic schedule that I have to go through, I guess sesuai lah kot. 
3.I can smile with confidence now. I love my straighter teeth. Eventhough Nadia Zulkifli slalu marah sbb buang identiti diri. :p
4.I guess it's a healthy and good move. I adore him up until today. :) Everything is going on smoothly and naturally. It's something different and x pernah terbayang I'll be at this spot. I'm just wishing the best in everything. I just want to be happy. Never thought the right person was there all along. <3
5.Great experience. I love what I'm doing but sometimes the commitment and time tak mengizinkan. I'm still adapting to learn how to bahagikan masa wisely between this and my studies. Wouldn't want this to effect my studies in any way. Or I'll blame myself someday.

Long road.


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Azwan Mohamed said...

gooo.....cik what ur heart says....belief n trust urself....u must confidence for everything and everytime u do....ape yg i lalui bkn semua org i xnk cerita....but u mst pandai divide ur time....jgn smpai yg d'kejar xdpt n yg d'kendong b'ciciran....i'm proud be ur friend....=)