Saturday, April 16, 2011

Are You Ready?

Assalamualaikum. :)

Hari ini hari Sabtu. Class has officially ended yesterday. Cepat pulak habis sem ni rasanya. :p
But I still have test on Monday and Tuesday, and then will be shooting back to Kuantan for a while! Wohooo! Rindu Teluk Chempedak, rindu keropok Gelora Point, rindu makan mummy's cooking, rindu makan ice cream mcD tepi tc malam malam, rindu Hoi Yin, rindu tido and bangun dalam air cond, rindu semua! rindu! :D
paraq dah ni. Will do the best for last two test ni, then, off I go. InsyaAllah...

*Some latest pictures*

 Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Chemistry, Part 2 students. :) 

Last class of Management

Last class of Ethic Relations

 At Chic Pop Bazaar with lovely Nurul. :)
Gosh, serabai je muke saye.

 An after photo, during a performance at One Bangsar.
Together with Kak Sally, Mona Lyssa, Gloria Band, Wafi and Shabab.

Snap back!
So harini belum tentu nak buat ape. At first thought of catching a movie today with S but somehow we didn't realised we are kind of broke. HAHA. Fine, just stay home then. Gonna finish my onhold lab reports. 2 more to go and that is the last of it and study Korean Language. Till then, 


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