Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just Like I Said

Semester 2 is very tough for me indeed. There are so many reasons for me to say that.

1. The subjects are tough. Seriously tough and need lots of hard work and commitment in time.
2. I've been neglecting my time doing so many things at the same time, where at a point, I tend to forget my priority. I am not the supergirl I thought I was.
3. Most of the lecturers are not as helpful as last semester. Their approach on students this semester, I shall say, abit aggressive. Sometimes I don't feel like asking them anything at all. Whenever someone ask or anything, they'll give this one kind of stare. Is it the question? It it the presentation? Is it the face? I just don't get it sometimes. Previous semester's lecturer were so much easier to get along with. Hmm.
4. I seldom get to get back home to Kuantan. Previously, I made the effort to at least go home once a month, just to clear my mind a little. This sem... jarang jarang sekali. With all the activities I've ventured in, I'm not able to do so.

Whatever it is, I have such big responsibilities on my shoulder to carry. I'll certainly do the best that I could. Not for anybody else, but for me personally. & I want to make my parents proud too la kan. :)

Pray for me too will ya?
Take care.
I'm wishing the same for you too.


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Anna Mohamed Amin said...

good luck yaya! i'm sure you'll do excellent.. :)