Sunday, April 10, 2011

Plans & Dreams

Hearing my song kat blog ni, "Look into my eyes.."
and reading the title of my last post, "Depan mataku"..
made me realized something,
I love your eyes.
I think its mesmerizing. and I would love to own that eyes forever.
I would love for that pair of eyes to look at me the same way, even when I'm 73.
In years to come,
I would love to see that pair of eyes open slowly every morning.
I would love to see that pair of eyes close every night.
I just love that particular pair of eyes.

Ok, selingan. All of the sudden nak cakap pasal mata.  Ok, makin tak pasal. Mata siapa, itu yang kite tatau. 

I just got back from Damansara, @Pentas Bistro. Tonight was fun ! 
Tomorrow is not. Huhu. I have a test on Monday, so gotta prepare myself for tomorrow! Silalah rajinkan diri ye Nadia. :)

Till then,
Goodnight loves.


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