Monday, October 25, 2010

About You Now

Day Two: Nine things about yourself.

Baru buat mende camni kt previous post. So, I'll try to bring something different sikit la on this k. 

9 Things about me yang strike kat kepale sekarang are:

1. Boros. ;p Tak pandai simpan duit sangat. But I spend what I have. Within my limits. Just tak pandai menabung je. That I realised. Not good. Slalu niat nak simpan tp slalunya tak berjaya. Don't worry. I'll keep trying. 

2. I think I'm kind of conservative. In relationships, I believe in girls/ladies should be treated with full of respect, we should never make the first move and things like that. Semangat kewanitaan tu macam terkuat sikit. :p 

3. Once a month, bile dah musim ehem ehem, akan ade waktu yang akan sentiasa lapar. Makan la banyak mana pun, tetap akan lapar. Just like now. I ate a plate full of rice and ratah lauk sampai habis for dinner. 15 minutes later, lapar and ate a box of chocolates. Tak cukup lagi, cari biscuits lak kat dapur. Right now, I'm still hungry. Craving for McFlurry Oreo pulak. -.-

4.  I write. Besides blog, I own a personal diary since I was 13. Don't know why but when I note down things that happen, it gives me some kind of perasaan yang relaxs. Then bila rajin, I will go through it and bace bace balik, kadang2 after few years, then tersenyum sorang2. :)

5. Favorite channel on TV, its either entertainment or Travel & Living. Nigella bites is my favourite. I just love to see her cook. She made it looks so simple. I guess I have a passion for cooking. Just takde time je lagi. Tp kalau cuti2 kadang2 I'll bake something for fun and try new recipes. Bile dah siap masak, suka paksa semua orang try. hehe.

6. I don't like giving up and people who easily give up. We have to know on how to motivate ourself no matter what obstacle we are facing. 

7. Suka menjawab. :) Sometimes I think bagus, tp at times, mcm patot diam je. Tapi..

8. Loves cat! I wish to own one again someday. Pernah ade, Ringgo 1 (pure grey persian cat) & Ringgo 2 (mix grey persian cat), Justin (handsome siamese cat), Pretty (a white female mix persian which turned out to be a male cat after 1 year baru discover). Pitty him/her :) 

9. Prefer moderation. 
Tak perlu rumah besar, asal lengkap n hommie. 
Tak perlu kereta besar, asal dapat bergerak ke destinasi dengan selesa. 
Tak perlu baju mahal, sbb kadang2 yang murah lagi cantik and menarik. 
Tak perlu makan mahal, sbb kadang2 yang murah lagi sedap and terangkat. 
Tak perlu belanje sakan, sbb kadang2 mende yang memorable tu lah yang priceless. 

Well, all these are from my point of view. My perspective. Kan?



FatenAsmira said...

like no.9.
love your blog :)

Nadia said...

hehe. thank u mrs payet! :D