Monday, October 11, 2010

Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu

Assalamualaikum and Olla!

Just got back from class. Done with Inorganic Chemistry Test 2. 5 more days to go. 
Tuesday: English Test 
Wednesday: Inorganic Test 3 & Physics Quiz 5
Thursday: Physics Test 3
Friday: Physical Chemistry Test 4
Saturday: Economic's assignment due date!

And on Sunday, Tink invited me to tag her along to watch sunrise nearby Kajang area with few of her friends. I'm not really sure where exactly but super excited for it! Can't wait can't wait! :)

as for the title of my post today, it's funny sometimes when u realized where life is leading u. Destiny kot. U'll never know what's next kan. I'm praying for the best in everything. Keeping a positive lifestyle. Bak kate the latest movie i've watched, I laugh, I eat and I pray. :)

I think I'm at a spot where I'm somehow comfortable & happy with life.
And I pray that you are too. :)



wan-ohh-wan said...

sunrise? dekat broga hill ke?

tengku fariz said...


Nadia said...

yes bob! broga hill. :)