Thursday, October 7, 2010

Future Comes One Day at A Time

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

First of all, I decided to delete all of my previous posts.
Why I did it?
I'm not sure either. I just felt like I'm gonna start living life for a change. Bukannya selama ni tak, just somehow I don't feel like remembering all those things. I kept it there for too long already. Reading back my first few posts, I felt how immature I was back then. Tapi bukan lah sekarang ni matang sangat pun. HAHA.

So, i guess. This is a sign of something new. 
A new chapter.
A new beginning.

For those of u knew me all along, I'm still your same old Nadia. 



tengku fariz said...

may u find what u're looking for...
heads up and smile~ :)

Yasmin Mohamad said...

you're always the same nadia to me babe :)

Nadia said...

thanks guys.
tengku fariz, who r u btw? are u the same person yang add kat facebook?