Sunday, October 24, 2010

Say What You Need to Say

Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.

1. Daddy: Thank you for the lovely harmonica you bought for me this evening. We both know it's not easy for you to waste money on unnecessary things. Thank you for supporting my passion. 

2. Mummy: I love you. 

3. Mum & Dad: You know what, I think I'm so lucky to have parents like both of you. Kadang2 I rase korang grow us up professionally. All of us are free to express our opinion in everything. Kita boleh discuss openly on everything not to forget, we still respect both of u as our parents but other than that, it feels good to be able share our thoughts and opinion no matter where we are. Glad that our family sentiase keeping an open mind and democratic. :) Might be weird for some people to read this but compare to others, I think we're fine..

4. S: Thank you for being my bestfriend, roommate, car-mate and everything else. I know sometimes I can be tough to handle, suke buat buat tau je semua, suke buang masa main facebook dalam bilik, tak buat report, so bila awak tanye, saye tatau nak jawab sbb belum buat, haha. Thank you. I do really appreciate your presence in my everyday life. So, ape ape kerenah saya pun, sy tau awak dah lali, so, I love you lah. ok? :p

5. A: Thanks for being there. Your presence, means alot to me, honestly. I feel comfortable talking to you almost about everything since we knew each other. I pun tatau kenape. Thanks for all the laugh we shared. The crazy things that you always do, never fails to put a smile on my face. Looking forward to see how our days will turn out to be. DCOD right? :)

6. D: My little girl. Couldn't ask for a better one. You keep me grounded somehow. I respect you the way you are na. Believe in yourself, and eventually u're gonna shine. Kay? Jangan selalu emo and ikutkan perasaan sangat, remember, nak mude kene lah happy go lucky slalu k? I know you're a tough girl and u're far from the other little girls yg kite slalu stalk2 tu. HAHA. Treasure that. You will not regret it later in the future. I love you.

7. M: I know it's been a tough life living here. I just hope you will stay strong and learn to enjoy yourself. You can do whatever you want. Go out, meet friends, enjoy life rather than just sitting at your room. I support you. You know I love you. I just wish that you would be more outgoing ya. I salute & respect you.

8. Marie Digby: I adore you. Can i meet and hang with you? :)

9. S: I'm sorry if you heard things from other people and felt hurt by my words. I care for you. That's all. I have no bad intension whatsover. I just wanted to see you in a happier life because i know u deserve it. Glad that you're leaving it behind and continue living your life just like before you met it. No matter what, I do still want to apologise if you heard things. I'm sorry dear.

10. everybody: erggh. seriously tak ready ape for final. takot!!



deanna, dean, din, d said...

i dont stalk little people. i help you stalk little people. thats a big difference. haha

Danial said...

wow... A...