Monday, October 11, 2010

Facts Aren't Always Not Interesting.

Write down 10 interesting facts about yourself and your hobby:

hmm. Well, mari kite fikir sejenak. I think I've done this before years back, so some things might have change.

1) My right and left ears are different from each other. The one on the left shapes like an elf's ear. Not so elf-y la tapi. Tapi kinda tajam. The right one, normal. ;)

2) Everytime lepas shampoo rambut, I have to gulung my hair with towel for hours sampai lah kering. If biarkan kering camtu je, jumpe la kau dengan nenek kebayan nnt. Frizzeh! No toleration on my hair type. Sebab tu slalu straighten, relaxing. Right now, dh setahun tak buat apa apa sbb takot botak bila tua, :p so terpaksa jaga lebih sikit.

3) Food: I can eat almost anything. Anything with prawn in it is my favourite thing on earth. I'm a sucker for any lauk yang dimasak cara kuah 'lemak kuning or putih'. fuh. Jangan kate lah. Kuah tu ley hirup hirup je. Let it be prawns, chicken, vegetables, anything. So, if u're inviting me over ke ape, jangan lupe masak kuah lemak ea? Secondly, I'm not into Indian food. Somehow the spices are too much for me. Lamb..oh yes.. and the list goes on.

4) Dislike horn-ing and be horned when driving. The sound of horn is just RUDE. -.-

5) Clothes: Anything yang worth to buy and pretty. 

6) I think I'm a hopeless romantic. Yes, I think indeed I am. And I would love for a hopeless romantic guy as my life partner someday. Maybe poyo nak cakap, tanak expect ape2 lah, tayah itu tayah ini, but the fact is, mane ade orang tak suke someone yang hopeless romantic kan? ;p somehow if u can make me fall for u each day, even from your slightest gesture, u would make me the happiest laydeh alive! haha. I hope this is not too random. lol.

7) I don't like "lili-deli" people. I'm very cincai and suke buat kerja cepat. Kadang2 geram jugak sbb cincai and alakadar sangat. biasa nya kerja siap tp quality tak ok sangat la. ;p but i can't change that. i don't really have the patience to do things so neatly and precisely.

8) I think tooooo much most of the time. I have the habit to think on behalf of other people jugak sometimes. I hate that. Sometimes, orang tu relaxs je, kita yang pikir lebih. Sometimes bende yang kita buat ikhlas, tapi sbb dh banyak ngn pikir apa orang lain akan pikir, kita nampak macam tak ikhlas jugak. x paham takpe, cause i pun x berapa nak paham. heh. In conclusion, I love to love and surrounded by people who loves me. :) ok, this is also random. :p

9) loves making fun of myself when I'm around my friends. I don't mind with that. I love making people laugh. But this is not an excuse for to make fun of me lebih2 pulak? Nnt i terasa u. ;p

10) not into chocolates and food that are too sweet. Oh this I can't explain why. I just takde set of  'gigi manis'

Alright. That's about it. Panjang gilos la pulak. ;p

Pick your most 9 deserving recipients and describe them:

YOU. yes, you. :)



akimbaek said...

hye elf :P

Nurulbadiah Lai said...

all interesting bout u girl:)

aurox_3d said...

nad, apsal aku x perasan pon telinga elf tu???? hehehehe