Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nobody Really Knows

Olla Humans,
Current location : Home Sweet Home, Kuantan. <3
Final Examination officially starts on next Friday, 29th October. 
So going through study week right now. 
Current mission: STUDY. kumpul mood kumpul mood. I have 3 papers yang jadual dia back to back. Aish. Got to work abit harder for these 3 papers sbb obviously I can't study at the last minute macam yang slalu buat selama ni sbb gap normally jauh2 sikit but not this time.
I have 5 final papers for this semester. Pray for me ya.

Things to do:
Print Examination Slip
Pay Convocation's Bil
Print Convocation thingy. To do list , borang jubah and all.
Submit CSC assignment via email before 23rd. *I shall do it tomorrow*
Makan keropok GP. Gila kempunan. :D 

Off to bed now.



nad said...

convo kt arau ke? congrats dik... n good luck for ur finals! =))

tengku fariz said...

guddy lucky~~