Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Time Will Reveal

Finally.. a real post.
I'm kind of bored. The throat & headache is killing me. I've been suffering from this sore throat since I woke up this morning and this headache.. sbb tertidur after Asar till 8pm!
Serve me right.

My parents have been busy with Tok Abah. He's currently really ill and I hope everything will be ok soon. Amin. I don't really know what to write actually cause there's nothing much I could share. It's just I need to remind myself that I need to start studying starting tomorrow. I've been resting for 3 days and time is running out. So girl, do what u have to do alright? :)
Goodnight then peeps.
Love ya..


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deanna, dean, din, d said...

pegi buat botox ka? ahahaha