Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life is Unfair

I'm the type of girl that wants alot of things in life. I mean it. ALOT. I guess all human being are the same. When I took ECO 415, it's called, scarcity where human wants are unlimited and impossible to fulfill. Well I'm no different from that fact. Somehow it's good to say that the things I want, I'll try my best to achieve or get it all by myself. I seldom asked for it from someone. Someone like my parents. Somehow at this stage of life, I was taught enough on responsibility and not to asked for unnecessary things. I was not born in a golden spoon honestly speaking. All we had was just enough. Maybe slightly higher than enough but there's no room for splurging on luxury items or things like that. I get that and has no problem with that. I am comfortable in the way of life we're living now. Alhamdulillah. But the one time I've asked for something for quite some time, and it's something beneficial for future purposes and logically to be asked, I felt like the process is so hard for them to fulfill. It's so frustrating. It's not fair. 



NAJIHAH said...

kau nak apa ya??

Nadia said...

braces. kejap kasi, kejap kate wasting.