Friday, November 19, 2010

Everything Has Its Explaination

My assumption was wrong. I guess I do behave like a little child sometimes. Matured sangat la kan. Dad explained to me the real reason why he's hesitating on giving me the thing that I wanted. He said if he's going to spend a large amount of money on that thing, he just has to be satisfied. He wasn't really keen of the doctor's professionalism. That's all. He said I'm dealing with my physical appearance issue right now and what happen if the doctor cincai cincai buat. Am I going to deal with the consequences. So this morning he took me to his choice of doctor. The doctor used to be our neighbour right before he and his family shifted to a bigger and beautiful mcm resort punya house. ;p So off we go. I can see where he's going. The doctor is established and even his clinic looks better than the one I went yesterday. When my dad told him my intension, the doctor took a look at my teeth, belek sane belek sini and he said it can be done. The price too doesn't differ much from my choice of doctor but slightly higher sikit je. Dad said he didn't mind as long as he feels satisfied with what he's paying. My choice of doctor didn't even take a look at my teeth when we met him yesterday. All he said, yes he's doing it and he can do it for me. It won't take too long and he told us the total amount of the process. All these points were explained to me by my dad this morning. It's alright with me. He knows best after all. :) 

So, the doctor took an x-ray of my teeth and letak something to get the shaped of my teeth. It's called molding if I'm not mistaken. My next appointment will be this coming Tuesday where he's going to pasang the bracket already. Oh my god! I'm actually super excited. :) Can't wait to get my teeth straighten. Lepas ni dah tak payah risau bibir terlekat kat gigi taring bile ketawa tak hengat dunia. Hee.



akimbaek said...

girls with braces are outstanding ;)
u will be one of them..or extra summore :P

Nadia said...

ngade je la awk akim. ;p
ehem. i know someone yang dah pakai braces. nak? ehem ehem. :)

akimbaek said...

Ahaha..ermmmm nk yg br nk pakai nih :p boleh? :D

Nadia said...

eip. weng sgt ni. malas layan! :p

akimbaek said...


aD's said...

come to will get the treatment for free..:)-adlin