Sunday, November 21, 2010


Lately my entire family tgh menjalani hari hari yang very hectic. My grandfather has been admitted back into the hospital and this time his condition is getting worst. Despite that, I still pray for the best and deep in my heart I do hope he'll recover as the way he was before. Alhamdulillah, Mak Long, Pak Long, Mak, Abah, Mak Lang and Pak Lang are returning from Mekkah this Friday. They'll arrive Kuantan on Saturday. I guess my grandfather has been waiting for their kepulangan all along. He's now breathing with the help of a pump because the doctor said his heart is not able to pump mcm biase on its own anymore. All we can do now is pray and selalu bisikkan 2 kalimah masyahadah kat die so that he'll always remember his stand. 
I do wish that everything will be just fine.

Hmm. Where's my stand? What should I react to this kind of situation? Should I just follow? Certainly never been here before.

your grandchild.


NAJIHAH said...

Doa la kalau Allah lebih sygkan dy tarik la nyawa dy drp dy terseksa..insyaAllah ur grandpa akan ditempatkan dikalangn orang2 soleh..

Dibby Bo said...

I was at your situation twice.
I know how it feels, ure unsure.
You wish to do so many things and you tend to remind the things you used to do with them. Sad, I know. You have to be strong now that he is gone.
At first I regretted that I did not spend much time with my grandfather but I was so thankful I got to spend quality time with him. All that moments made me smile. The most thing i regretted was i niat nak salam my aki the night i wanted to leave the hospital, but i did not have the time. it was 3am that i knew he left us. regret tu sampai skrg, i tak dapat salam die for the last time and say assalamualaikum to him.
2 years later, my grandma pulak nazak.
i did all i can while i can.
i was happy that i dapat chat with her 2 hours before she left us.
now, i hope you and your family will be strong that he is gone.
i am sure he is placed amongst the solehs :) i'm praying for him.

Nadia said...

thanks dib. thanks gha. *hugs.