Thursday, November 25, 2010

Coast to Coast

and hey..

It's been 4 days pakai braces. :) Since then,
1 type of food je yang boleh makan that is soft food. I miss eating chicken..beef..all I do now is suck their taste and throw them back out. Hah.
2 is the number of sahabat sejati that I've discovered. Toothpicks and mirror. :)
3 is for the number of blisters dalam mulot.
Ok. Braces is not something fun at all. I sis had warned they pain no gain? ;p 

I'm off to KL tomorrow. Despite all the things happened this week, the bright side is, both my mom and dad will be attending my graduation. Alhamduliilah. We'll be leaving to Perlis on Saturday. My graduation rehearsal will be on Sunday and the graduation will be on Monday morning. I still don't know what to wear. Still deciding.  I guess I'm gonna pass on the dress from Zleqha. Maybe next event perhaps? Maybe pakai je la ape ade kot. Takde mood sangat nak melaram pun. 

Tapi I'm all excited to meet my diploma classmates! I'll be staying at the same hotel as Jhan, Syeri and Syaza! Super excited. :)

I just hope everything will be fun and memorable. I hope takde la trip ke ape time atas pentas nnt. AHA. Nightmare! 

nah. muke gigi besi. :p
Till then,


Nadia Hanim Nasser said...

Nadia!Keep on fighting for the braces!!!!You'll rock on!now that makes me scared! ;)

Nadia said...

haha. seriously babe its not something fun like i thought. u make sure it will be worth it baru buat. kalau ur teeth mcm minor case je, i don't suggest u doing it. huhu. i'm saying this cause i sayang u. hehe.

Nadia said...
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FatenAsmira said...

tau x pkai braces itu nmpk sexy :X
congrats yaya!syoknye da graduate!


akimbaek said...


saya said...

i dont noe who u r, but u look cute in braces. i love ur blog. (^_^)