Thursday, November 11, 2010

Activation Energy


I don't know what's going on with my luck, but somehow I'm just going through a bad time for the past few days.
Let me tell you why.

1. My handphone charger punya kene gigit with abang's rabbit, Romeo sampai putus dua. Dah la charger original. And once again its either kene beli baru or pinjam orang. My 3rd time buying a new charger this semester. Aritu beli sbb terlupe bwk balik sini la, tertinggal la, so beli 1 yang ciplot, dah rosak. the 2nd one bijak sangat pergi tinggal kat Kuantan and the 3rd one on the way. Haih. Duit lagi. 

2. I misplaced my license somewhere. Either tercicir bile jalan2 kay KL that day or it's somewhere in the car. Tapi so far, tak jumpe lagi. Mintak2 la akan jumpe. Hurmm.

3. On a very tight budjet. I thought dah habis class and musim final ni will use less money. But tanggapan sy silap. Time final ni la slalu nak super stress. After each paper mesti nak watch movie. Time study2 non stop kat rumah ni la nak stress. So bile time to eat, slalu dah makan best2 kasi released stress. But normal la tu kan? Heh. But at the end of the day, my weekly expenses selalu lari lately. 

4. And right now I'm forcing myself to finish studying Physical Chem. The last paper, mood pun banyak dah hilang. Half of my mind has been thinking bout nak buat ape time cuti nnt. Can't really focus honestly speaking. All I can do is motivate motivate and keep motivating myself. If bukan I nak motivate diri sendiri, sapelah lagi kan? ;p



FatenAsmira said...

hey2 kite senasib ttg charger.hehe.happy study yaya!gudluck 4 your last paper :)

tengku fariz said...

Good luck in your last paper~~ :)