Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Assalamualaikum and Olla.
Just reached Shah Alam from Damansara (my eldest bro's place). Drove all alone, all the way. Since I'm studying in Shah Alam, kinda get used living and doing things alone. Compare to those days, mane pernah berani kemane mane jauh jauh alone except going to work during my practical training days. No matter what, I need to be really independent now and this is what life will teach you from day to day. Something new each day. 

So, throughout my stay at abang's place, smalam dapat try masak Sweet and Sour Prawn. It's a last minute thing and due to semua malas keluar for dinner, I took the effort to cook. Yeay! Proud of myself sikit. :p then this afternoon before I left, I managed to prepare myself a decent homemade fish & chips. :) Fine. Sume pun bende frozen, tapi I took the effort to menggoreng and all la kan. Hehe.
Wanna take a look? :p
The picture might not look tempting but sodap la jugak tau? :p

I seriously need to study now tapi I tend to get distracted real easy. Like right now. Haihhh. I'm going out for dinner with Ghah's gang tonight somewhere in USJ. The place is called Murni. I heard the food there are really cheap and serve dalam very big portion. It's gonna be a food feast tonight! Wohoo! :)
Then I seriously need to start studying Physical Chemistry. -.-



Elly Elinna said...

i'd been there (Murni) with famie. mmg big portion all the foods. sedap juga. enjoy :)

Nadia said...

fuh elly! kenyang i tak terkate! :D
siap main lumba lumba minum air ngn wafi lagi. ahah.

Elly Elinna said...

haaaa wish i can be theeeeere